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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
The One With the New Boys 

We got another two baby boys in the house..

Congratulations to Mr Cikun n wife Hasnul for their newborn son Hanif Fahmi Haslah last week.. Also to Mr Raden and Shiraz as per informed by Pian..

Hmmm... many of our friends got their baby boy(s) this year.. to name a few, apau, banglong, rizal, jusoh, shakir, cikun and latest shiraz..

ours? hehe.. "tungguuuuu"..

The One With The New Job 

I started my new job last Monday, just got a temp PC yesterday.. no work assignment yet.. Still, I got a lot of things to do.. setting up the PC, installing some required softwares, studying on Blueprints bla bla bla.. I should receive a laptop but it would take some time.. therefore, for the time being, three of us will be stationed at main office rather than site office as 'off-shore programmers'..

I commute to the office.. heck.. on the first day, I was so damn tired.. lacked of sleep the night before, my body aching everywhere.. heh.. by the second day, everything went just fine.. new job, new environment, new challenge.. I need to adapt on it..

Oh, btw Sha is already on her leave.. she went to meet the gynea yesterday, he said her pelvic might be too small for the baby and she might need to go for ceasor.. we just wait and see.. although the due date is not in another 2 weeks plus, Mama asked us to be prepare.. we are now sleeping over at Mama's house.. at least there will be somebody to take care of her while I'm not around..

* I just receive a note from my colleague that our notebook will arrive in a day of two and we might need to be transfered to site office very soon due to increase of work load.. still i will try to keep you guys updated.. pray for us and wish us luck..

Friday, November 19, 2004
The One With Hari Raya Photos 

Our Hari Raya album available here and here.

Sneak preview :

The One With The Signing-Off Note 

Dear Fellow Colleagues,

Today is the last day for me working in this great company. Although it just only a year, I decided to leave for a better prospect of mine.

For my IS teammates,

Satar, Din, Rozali, Shaz, Cece, Iryana, Che An, Azah, ex-boss Megat, newly-appointed boss Yati, one year is too short.. However, it was great to have you guys around.. I'll surely miss the bondage, monthly 'makan2', bday celebrations, etc..

IS trainees Zul, Mazli, Salmi, Fauzah, Aisyah.. There's a lot to learn here.. grab it before you miss it..

For Admin and General / Sales Dept. members,

Safar, Alicia, Anu, Shi, Nora, Azura, Mun, Farah, Zaki etc, thank-you for challenging me with task given. I hope you guys fully satisfy with my works.

Till we meet again,

Zen Akmal

Wednesday, November 10, 2004
The One With Berbuke (sic) Puasa (part 2) 

What are some fadhilat of fasting during Ramadhan? One of it, is to feel what others especially those less-fortunate would feel.. But is it? Does Ramadhan really achieve its objective??..

This time of bulan puasa, I went for Buffet Break Fast just one time.. RM39.90 pax at Kelana Seafood with my friends.. same price as yesteryear but slightly lesser choices of food..

Gluttony?? Guilty as charged.. Food-wasting? Of course not.. wanna proof? see below..


Dude, who ate the plates?..

I rest my case..

p/s : more pic available here

The One With DeepaRaya 2004 

To our Muslim and Hindu blogreaders,

Raya 2004

Raya 2004

From Both of Us.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004
The One With Berbuke Puasa 

Do you notice the increase of price for buffet berbuka puasa in hotels and restaurants?!!! I think they increased the price around RM10 per person. The price varies and can be as high as RM70, if I am not mistaken. Read in the newspaper about one Lebanese restaurant in Le Meridien Hotel, KL Sentral, RM 85 to RM125 per head (depending on which set you choose). Argh! RM100 per head.

Having to fast the whole day, you cant really eat much. Buat rugi jek makan buffet. A total waste. It is only worth it to eat buffet if you really really eat.

Well anyway, my family found a new trend. Berbuke puasa at the foodcourt. There's a lot of choice. Everyone gets to choose what they want to eat. There's no waste here.

For this month only, we went to Bangsar Shopping Complex Foodcourt and Alamanda Putrajaya Foodcourt. Not bad actually! You should try too. You probably spend less than RM10.

Alamanda, Putrajaya

The One With the Count Down (part 2) 

"When is your last day??"

Yups.. I'm resigning from my current and second job.. which I joined last year.. like a Dejavu, last Raya I was temporary jobless, so does this year..

Some people questioning my decision.. is it all about the money?? For some, you may be noticed i've stroke the 'underpaid' in my bio.. well actually.. the underpaid thingy was just an internal joke between us.. Relatively, I was overpaid equally paid.. but can't openly admit it in front some friends who would demand a dinner treat at Victoria Station, I claimed I was underpaid.. hehe.. yup.. it is true.. it is not about the money..

When I was resigning from my first job, I had a chat with the big boss (also Sha's cousin).. He encouraged my decision on joining this company coz one of us (Sha and I) need a stable job.. and of course this company paid much better.. but he also advised me not to stay for too long.. He said I should go for a vendor company and doing functional rather than technical.. At first, I decided to give myself two years at most..

Last two months, I tried to check my market value by unpreparedly walking in an interview for a contract job.. I was a bit shocked.. coz i did relate my experience in my first job a lot more than my second.. I realised I didnt make a major progress as what I did before.. I'm not satisfy with myself..

Actually, working environment in here is very convenient.. friendly colleagues.. hassle-free traffic.. easy parking.. but being the only in-house programmer is somehow tough.. I couldn't gain experience that much compared to my first job.. Back then, I got other colleagues to share ideas and knowledge.. here, I need to give much more than I can take..

I think I failed damn big time in that interview.. but thank god I got my wake up call.. I need a new job.. now or never..

I got another interview in a consulting company a week after that, and I guessed that time I was more prepared.. Got another call-up few days after that.. Once I received the offer letter , I tendered my resignation with a month notice.. I will bid goodbye to this company on the 19th.. I will start my new job on the 22nd.. a new job, a new office, a new experience.. I got to go shopping for a new me.. :P *wink*

p/s : A very special tribute to apau and tinie..

The One With UPSR 2004 

UPSR results are out today!!!

Congratulations to Ekhwan (my uncle's son) and Emira (my aunty's daughter) for their results! I am pretty sure they did the best...and are the best...*wink

Ekhwan - MU Chess playerEmira Fazana - The Giggly Violinist!

*Ekhwan plays good chess and has beaten practically everyone, including my dearest (although my dearest has won some...) and my father...He is also a die-hard MU fan and plays terrific football for MPSJ.
*Mira is a great violinist, and she'll be off to Germany alone next month, as an exchange student. She has started her Gesundheit classes after UPSR. She'll be attending school there for a month.

The One With The Count Down (part 1) 

"Berapa hari lagi nak raya??"

Well, I bet many of you guys can answer this question in a split second.. But for me, I'll take a longer time.. Not that eager for this year Hari Raya.. May be looking forward for the long holidays but not the raya day itself.. I got my reason.. hehe.. above all, as you guys already know, we are already freaking out right now.. counting the seconds to become young parents.. hehe.. It will also be the first hari raya for me being away from my hometown in Johor. Last year we celebrated our first raya as husband and wife at my hometown.. So this year around, we gonna be celebrating it here in KL.. and with Shariza condition, long distance travel is definitely a no-no.. *wink*..

I was thinking.. What would I miss..

Topping the list would be Mom's ketupat, rendang limpa, serunding daging, paru goreng and sayur lodeh.. a must menu for years.. where we will be having those for breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner until 3rd or 4th day of raya.. While waiting for raya announcement from YM. Engku Datuk Ibrahim bin Engku Ngah, penyimpan mohor besar Raja-raja, all the siblings will "anyam ketupat" while mom in the kitchen doing her things.. This year, Shariza's mom will prepare Soto, aunty will serve her lontong.. others TBC.. yet again, visiting open houses will also depend on Sha's stamina.. heheh..

Secondly, no fireworks and meriam besi.. Back in my hometown, we have a large compound in front of our house.. shooting a Thunderclap or an Air-Bomb would still landed into your own compound.. Play it here.. it might landed into Balai Polis Taman Tun compound.. or worse, we ourselves could ended inside the police station.. hehe.. I dont wanna take that risk..

Lastly.. little kids.. in kampung, from as early as 8 o'clock in the morning, you will hear a typical sound of kids from god-knows-where giving salam.. "Assalamualaikum.. kami nak beraya.." They will come and sit down for couple of minutes.. eat one or two pieces of kuih raya, take a sip of carbonated drinks.. and go "Kami nak balik dah.." while anxiously wait for the Green packet.. hehe.. I also did the same when I was a little kid..

Well, Raya will still be Raya.. anywhere anyhow.. Just that, I'm reserving the thrills for a much bigger occasion.. :)

Monday, November 08, 2004
The One With All Just The Same 

Oh was Friday evening for you? It was a disaster for me. I had to spend nearly 2 hours on the road from work to my mom's place.

It started raining earlier in the afternoon around 1 something here at my workplace, which is in Serdang area. Then, it stopped. At that point of time, I was relieved, thinking that the traffic wouldnt be too bad today (Traffic is a little bit heavier on Fridays even on normal days, everyone's rushing for the weekend I guess). Then...just about the time I wanted to go home, which was around 5 something, it started raining...heavily!!!

And the traffic jam, started from Serdang toll, all the way to Taman Danau Desa. Can you imagine that?!!!

The one thing that pissed me off was when I was about to get out of the Sg Besi toll. At the toll, cars would be out of 20 odds counters/lanes...going into a 3 lane main rd. With so many cars and slow moving traffic, you imagine how difficult to get into the specific lane. There would probably around 10+ line-ups trying to get into just 3. So, once you are out the counter, you would just be tailing the car in front of you. And at one point, there is no line for you, so you have to switch to the line next to you, until you reach the main line that makes up for the 3 main lanes. Well anyway, driving a kancil, I got squished in the middle, when there was no longer a line upfront. I wanted to go into the right lane next to me. But this black perdana wouldnt give me the chance to do so. In fact, he honked at me. It was a black tinted V6 perdana with the plat no WKY 8668, with the emblem and wordings tht said 'HAKIM'.

I just looked over at the tinted passenger window, and showed my disappointed face. Hey, everyone is equal here. Everyone wants to be out of the traffic. Everyone wants to be home. Everyone wants to berbuke. There's no point of you not giving way anyway. Being a somebody wouldnt make a difference here. There will always be only 3 lanes. After all, it's too packed. You cant asked people to move their cars even if you have riders with you. Just like if you are using a police car or an ambulance. At that very point, there's nothing you can do but to give way, and move on. At that very point, every Tom Dick and Harry are equals. How big/what type your car, or who you are wouldnt matter...we are all just the same...wanting to move on and head home...

*The rainy season is here. Drive carefully and try to patient.
**My whole body was aching the whole night after the 2hrs ordeal. I dont think I like the idea of going thru it again, esp if I am in labor.

Friday, November 05, 2004
The One With the Freaked Out 

Last appointment to the gynae, Doc informed us that our baby is a BIGGISH baby at 2.7kg with still 1 and 1/2 months to go. He said he will have to check my pelvic etc, in case I cant handle the baby during labor nnt. Scary!!!!

Even scarier is that the makcik who is supposed to take care of me after delivery came and stayed over at my mom's house for 2 nights. And for that 2 nights, she massaged my legs, feet, hands, and shoulders. The waist part is a no-no section. Tapi...yg sakitnyer pinggang. Well anyway, she sort of inspected my tummy...and said tht "biler tarikhnyer doktor ckp?" (when is ur due date?) When I said it was dec, she was like..."rase tak sempat disember nih..mungkin akhir bulan 11 ni...jatuh sgt dah nih!"... (the baby might be out earlier in late nov). SCARY!!!!!!! And that was the 1st night, the second night, she freaked me out again by asking if I got the dates mixed up or something.

Goodness gracious me!!! Are we ready for the baby, sayang?!!!

I dont think we will ever. I hope I still deliver normally (that's when I start to fast, have been fasting since the 23rd, after the gynae's appointment, so far so good.) And I hope that it will still be a December baby.

Oh well, anytime is fine, or anyhow, just as long as the baby is healthy! InsyaAllah...

Nonetheless, I am FREAKED out!!! Can you guess why we havent been blogging for awhile?!!!!

The One With the EPF 

A few weeks back, 22 October, to be exact, we went to EPF to withdraw our Acc II for our home loan. We went to the main branch at Jalan Raja Laut. We were there early in the morning around 8.30am. There were people earlier than us, but they entertained us pretty quick. In a few minutes, it was already our turn. Why? There were like 45 counters there. And every each of them has someone there...and they were all calling the numbers. So basically there was no queue. The few minutes wait was because they were just warming up for their first customer of the day. Cool eh?!!!

I'll tell you something even better. This week is the first week of the month. We are normally 'a little bit out of cash' during this time. Zen had his pay as early as 20th every month. Where else, I would only get mine after the 7th every month. Get the drift?!!! Well anyway, after having a long weekend, I checked out my account and found out that a huge amount has been debited to my account. Well, it is not that huge (because I have only worked for 2 years anyway), but still...for me...at that point of time...it was HUGE!!! Our application was approved on the 28th October, and on 1st November, we had our money already. Is that cool or what?!!!

Alhamdullillah. We now have some extra cash for the festive season and the coming labour.

*I was informed that only the EPF at Jalan Raja Laut is that well-equipped and with fast & quick service. The one in PJ would soon be like that too (it's under renovation currently).
**There were e-kiosk there, that basically take ur MyKad and thumbprint, and prints out ur current EPF Statement.