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Thursday, September 29, 2005
The One With the Therapy 

Am feeling a little bit disturbed now.

Will be goin back to see my most effective theraphy and maybe...
Will be goin out with him for my next best theraphy..window shopping...

Any other theraphy available?
Soft music? Argh! It'll get my mind working....
hot tub? no more tub in the new place *sob *sob *sob

aaaa...go back home laaaa...
maybe take pix of the clothes...

The One With the Known 

Oh no!

Someone leaked that I have a blog!

Help! I wouldnt be able to b**** about anyone in the company then.

Ow what a shame!

The One With the Repellent 

Very interesting!

Very useful for Faeq!

Anyone knows where i can get spiced soap? Or how to get it naturally?

Monday, September 26, 2005
The One With ONE Year Older 

It's Zen's birthday today!!!

Happy birthday!!!!!

M taking him to see the dancing bellies tonite, hope we have the chance to see them wiggling...


Thursday, September 15, 2005
The One With Are We Good 

Last night, I asked my husband, "Are we good parents?"
He said, "We're the 'bestest'!"

Hahhahahaa...very assuring...if only it came out from Faeq

Of course, all parents would try their very best to be the 'bestest'. But are we really???

As young execs, we both reach my parents' place everyday around, least (min) would be around 8. Latest could be up to 10, that is if we have meetings. And we normally reach home around 10 something tht is. Just hang loose for a few minutes, until Faeq would eventually asks for me as he is sleepy. But normally by 11, he'll be asleep. And he wakes up around 7.30, he'll be at his grandmother's by 8.15.

So little time with his own parents. Except on weekends tht is. Lucky that we work 5 days a week.

But still....

We try to stop by the playground in the morning, on the our way to the carpark. Let him swing for 2-3 mins. Let him slide for 2 mins. Be on see-saw for a couple mins.

At nite, we try to snuggle together, tickle each other, and squeeze Faeq, until he'll scream and laugh.

Aaaahhh....my son is getting taller and bigger. He loves to climb. He loves to sit at the driver's seat and drive. He loves to see the lights. And no, he doent really sit still. Always trying to grab things, and taste them. Always trying to reach something. Always trying to have it his way.

And he loves food. But mind you, he is not a baby no more. So bring in the chocolates and the ice creams. Tofu is fine. So is rice. Fish. Spinach. Chicken n beef. But please, make it edible for a baby with 4 teeth, but dont make it soluble...'hey i got teeth already ok!' something he would 'say' out. Loves drinking from straws. Or have wat everyone else (mummy/daddy) is having.

Faeq, I miss u so!!!

*Wait up for his pic (that we took last nite) eating mini cornetto!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
The One With the SPHosp 

Something is wrong here...

[19 Jun] Baby kidnapped by nurse
[30 Aug] Baby mix up
[5 Sep] Ambiguous sex

Would like to promote a private clinic there, Dr Zainul's clinic, in Tmn Petani Jaya.

The One With the Reality Bites 

I think there's some conspiracy here. Although it will show the people's choice in choosing the First Astronaut, again the Telco's will get the money, furthermore, people are very bias too.

And how would it affect the choices? Full Impact.

Nonetheless, it will be something...

Looking forward to it.

Heck, I vote me, myself and I. That is if I could bring my boys with me.

The One With the First Wives Club 

Remember the First Wives Club? I think some of its agenda are listed here and here.

Very very interesting...

Thursday, September 08, 2005
The One With The Rakyat's Heart In A 

Splendid news, with the published from the PM's Department.

Both of our cars are due (actually, one of it's roadtax expired last 30th Aug, another this 18th Sept). And we havent renew them. Thank God for that, as we are entitle for the 50% cut, which starts on this 12th Sept.

We have been car pooling for a month now (I am not sure whether I have mentioned it before), but Zen drops/picks me from work everyday. His office is in Cyberjaya, and mine in TPM, Bukit Jalil. It is on the way, just not so straight forward. We decided on this 'agreement' after the fuel increment earlier. And I'ld say that it is helping us quite a bit. We can really feel the impact of the fuel, and am definitely glad with the news.

However, this oil problem is a worldwide problem. With the shortage of fuel, we should be aware that we need to do something about it. I heard/read (cant remember) somewhere that there's a country in the East who is trying to implement something for this issue; MUST use the public transportation 1 day out of the the 5 working days. It can vary between companies, to avoid congestion. And I think that's pretty good actually. As for KL, we should try to implement something like Singapore. There's a different roadtax/plat# to access the central city on weekdays, on working hours. With the 50% cut of the current roadtax, I think we can implement this extra charge for vehicles entering the city.

And mostly, we shouldnt be too proud of these. We shouldnt be too proud of selling more cars, unless they are cars tht are not dependent to fuel.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005
The One With the Inadequate 

And I thought we dont have enough doctors in Msia?!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005
The One With the Big TWO 

Ah yes... thank you everyone for the well wishes.

It is our 2nd Anniversary!

It was today, TWO years ago that we made a vow to each other in a sacred matrimony, akad ... nikah...
In wealth and health, through sick and poor...I do!

These two years...
we have been through a lot I would say...
the trying to get pregnant period...
the pregnant period..
the birth of our beloved Faeq...
the upbringing of our beloved...
and so much more...

i think we have been through quite a bit
aaa...to the newlyweds...it is not as smooth or pretty as you think...
but hey...tht makes it beautiful!
for those who knew us...you might think tht we had quite a love story...
and you might think that hey...we wouldnt fight..or we wouldnt disagree...or grow mad at each other..
quite the contrary...
this past year...i think...the real we is surfacing...
and we are growing up...and changing...
and we are just normal couple...
trying to understand...
trying to get keep things alive...trying to grow and change...
but still as TWO

especially these past few months...
things have been tough...

and as a friend said...
it takes great initiative to stay together married...
and try not to prove brad pitt right with his statement that two in love people need not be together always...
coz we believe in our love and in our marriage

or so I do!

as for my beloved husband
thank you very much for these two lovely years
thank you very much for being the great husband, father of my child and lover

i hope you still have the passion for us
and the desire for us to be together always for eternity

and yes, I still am trying to adapt to everything, including your principles...
and I still want more of you...
and I still have unsaid things...

but one thing for sure, I would like to say this "I LOVE YOU!"

p/s: please try not to be too clumsy!!! and please bring the trash out! thanks...

Thursday, September 01, 2005
The One With Smart TnG 

Due to moving out/in aftermath, I post a short one..

Received this notice from our internal e-news:

Upgrading Touch 'n Go cards: Rangkaian Segar is updating the security feature of Touch ‘n Go cards and introducing card registration that will give cardholders access to e-statements. In addition, by registering your details, the company will be able to verify card ownership and produce refunds if your card is lost. Act before 8 December and you will be eligible to enter a lucky draw. For details click here
Aha... Actually i've thought about it last year..