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Monday, March 27, 2006
The One With Communicating 

Nowadays there are many ways of communicating; and calling over the Net is the way the go NOW; i think voip has been around like more than 5 years ago. But with Skype and Google Talk, along with Yahoo Talk (in Beta mode), I think it's getting bigger. On the news today, this article: new ways to call over the Internet gives a more umph!

Nonetheless, even if you have sooo many ways of communication (you can even contact each other for free if you have a machine that is), but you are not communicating that defeat the purpose. Aye?!!!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006
The One With AstroNoMore? (part deux) 

Realize it or not, it has been almost two years since Astro annouced new pricing package to their subscribers.. similar to the govenment, they did spice up some promises and excuses to back their action up.. one of it, as far as i can remember, to add more channels (100??) within a year..

Interestingly they did, Channel 73.. SunTV was added as a part of free Family package.. so much worth it for additional RM5 per month.. End of last year, they revitalized our hope with another statement.. 50 more channels by the end of the year.. Question is, 50 more pay-per-view channels, or additional channels under the same package?

Try watching these channels : ch13, ch50, ch51, ch52, ch63 (and perhaps some other channels which i dont know) in Astro and you'll notice there are no new episodes.. Astro just airing the same episodes over and over and over again.. i'm not just a little boy who will laugh every time two giant bananas dancing together.. I want to know what's new interesting game/gadget in market.. not NBA Jam/Madden 2002 (for god sake!!) or what ever crap there are still showing via ch13..

Over the two years, they have also changed their CRM system.. "A-harder-to-get-hotline".. Try contacting their numbers/email.. and see how fast you could received a respond.. I think you are lucky enuff to get in touch within 5-10 minutes..

I read complaints over complaints in newspapers but none ever publicly replied by their CR Rep.. too arrogant huh? If I'm the one who complained, I would at least demand a little apology and some promises to make things better.. (Dont care if they dont mean it, just say it)..

MiTV yet to become an agressive competitor to Astro.. still expensive, less coverage & WTCrap channels.. thus, people still opt for Astro as their satellite provider.. no competition = less improvement..

I would agree with the introduction of CSI.. (not the tv series) but Customer Satisfactory Index.. those who got under Par should deserved their licenses to be revoked... heh.. baru padan muka..

Well, reality bites.. we are living in a capitalist world.. where the rich got richer.. and the-not-so-rich? heh, go figure...

Reference : The One With AstroNoMore? - Monday, June 07, 2004

Wednesday, March 22, 2006
The One With Envy 

Dont you just envy your next door neighbour who just bought that new Benz?

Dont you just envy your girlfriend who just got tht Louis Vuitton handbag?

Dont you just envy your colleague who just got promoted?

I envy people with true talent. People who get to do what they like, what they do best.

Generally, these are the people who are having fun, enjoying life to the fullest, and get their satisfaction at the end of the day.

I am sure Jeff Ooi loves his Screenshots etc. Donald Trump with his Miss Universe? Trump Empire?

I havent found my talent yet. I can draw, but am not in love with drawing or even, I could definitely not draw like Van Gogh or even the M'sian autistic kid whose name I forgot.

So what am I good at? What am I talented at? And with that talent, can I go far? (I think to go far, hard work is still required, but at least it is of something you love, and something you are satisfied of)

Oh how I envy them...

Monday, March 06, 2006
The One With Baby Clothes 

Had a chat with an ex-colleague just now.. Another ex-colleague of ours just gave birth to a baby girl.. congrats to her and husband..

The former told me that the latter was so excited during expecting.. buying clothes for the baby every single weeks!! Too little too late until she realized she had collected almost 400 pieces of baby-clothes for that little one.. :P.. Buleh pakai buang tu..

Wednesday, March 01, 2006
The One With Sex Stories + Friendship 

Do you have friends?

Same sex? Opposite sex?

What do you guys talk about?

Do you talk about the same stuffs when you were younger? How about when you were older?
Do you talk about the same stuffs when you talk to friends of the same sex? How about when you are with the opposite sex?

Do you talk about sex with your girlfriends? Do you talk about sex with your boyfriends?

I think I am pretty open about sex and stuffs. Nonetheless, it would always be something very general. It would never lead any conclusion of which position my friend would like best, or what sounds my friend would hear from her/his partner.

I think as modern adults and civilised people, we can always talk about sex. On what would be the best position for someone who is trying to concieve. Etc. But there's always limitations. No conclusion should incur. Or anything that could make another imagine something, or even dream of.

What say you?

The One with Ethical vs UnEthical 

Aaaa yes.. I shall be joining a new company this coming mid March.

I was sooo tired a few week's back that I really felt like just taking off a day or two. But however, since I was about to resign, there was no way I could take a leave. But I mentioned to Zen that I just felt like I wanted to just leave. Zen being Zen pushed me back to my senses, saying that it was unethical to do such thing. As much as it is very unprofessional. And it was something I wouldnt want to do also.

What do you do when you resign? What are the ethics on when you start your job and when you stop it?

In my opinion, or rather it is stated in any working contract, that whatever you do while in a company (during office hours), belongs to the company.

When I resigned from my previous company, I took along with stuffs that I did, nonetheless they were only used for my reference sake. As in, I would only be referring it, while doin other task (similar to it) from scratch.

But I have heard of cases e.g. when an employee leaves, he takes away with everything that he did there (could be just a small piece of paper, or even a whole project) and then sell it off elsewhere. I think that's unethical. Very unprofessional. The previous company lost a lot. Some even close shop. The employers must have been so pissed that eventually what you made at the end of the day is worthless. Tak berkat. Coz what goes around comes around.

I hope this never happens to me.

And I hope I can be as professional as I can be. Of course, when you work together, employer and employee there is a certain barter relationship. You give, I take. I give, you take. Everyone has their own agenda. That's life. Nonetheless, it is best to not piss people and try to be as honest as you can.

Of course, there are crooks all around. Especially in business. However, let's be professional. Some things are allowed. And some arent.

Which is which?!!!

The One Where We Got Tagged.. (part 2) 

Four Jobs I've Had:
1. Taukeh nasik order NH - muahahaha.. go figure..
2. Team manager of Kiss my @r$3, Premier Fantasy Football Game
3. Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister, Wife, Mother
4. Sex goddess

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
1. The Rock, 1996 - (not the wrestler..) starring Nicholas Cage, Sean Connery
2. The Patriot, 2000 - starring Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger
3. Sound of Music
4. Little Mermaid

Four Places I Have Lived
1. Sungai Buloh, Batu Pahat.. - confused? it is Kg Sungai Buloh.. :P
2. Kuala Kangsar - so will Faeq :P
3. Malaysia (KL, Selangor, Kedah, Johor, Sarawak)
4. out of Malaysia (Guinea)

Four Television Shows I Loved to Watch
1. CSI Vegas - awesome Grissom...
2. House - superawesome Dr House..
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Nip/Tuck

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation
1. A Famosa, Alor Gajah - (buleh kira ker?)
2. Bali - could've, shd've, would've but cancelled.. :P
3. Lonely Traveller (KL-Paris-London-Edinburgh-Oxford-Guinea)
4. The fantabulous Home Sweet Home

Four of My Favourite Dishes
1. Ayam masak merah
2. Pot roast
3. Soto oxtail + lidah
4. Bubur jagung
*All the above, are my late grandmother's specialities, missed her sooo much! No one has yet beat her in any of these dishes. To the point that I dont even eat soto elsewhere except if cooked by my aunties or my mother tht is.

Four Websites I Visit Daily
1. Soccernet
2. Google
3. vzen69.blogspot.com
4. Mail (Yahoo and Google)

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
1. In front of PS2 - with my kiddo sitting on my lap holding another controller pretending he's playing too..
2. On my wife - (borrowing mokciknab's :P)
3. On my husband
4. With my Zens

Four Bloggers I am Tagging
1. supersomething
2. Limau Purut FC manager
3. whitewitch
4. blueyed