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Thursday, March 23, 2006
The One With AstroNoMore? (part deux) 

Realize it or not, it has been almost two years since Astro annouced new pricing package to their subscribers.. similar to the govenment, they did spice up some promises and excuses to back their action up.. one of it, as far as i can remember, to add more channels (100??) within a year..

Interestingly they did, Channel 73.. SunTV was added as a part of free Family package.. so much worth it for additional RM5 per month.. End of last year, they revitalized our hope with another statement.. 50 more channels by the end of the year.. Question is, 50 more pay-per-view channels, or additional channels under the same package?

Try watching these channels : ch13, ch50, ch51, ch52, ch63 (and perhaps some other channels which i dont know) in Astro and you'll notice there are no new episodes.. Astro just airing the same episodes over and over and over again.. i'm not just a little boy who will laugh every time two giant bananas dancing together.. I want to know what's new interesting game/gadget in market.. not NBA Jam/Madden 2002 (for god sake!!) or what ever crap there are still showing via ch13..

Over the two years, they have also changed their CRM system.. "A-harder-to-get-hotline".. Try contacting their numbers/email.. and see how fast you could received a respond.. I think you are lucky enuff to get in touch within 5-10 minutes..

I read complaints over complaints in newspapers but none ever publicly replied by their CR Rep.. too arrogant huh? If I'm the one who complained, I would at least demand a little apology and some promises to make things better.. (Dont care if they dont mean it, just say it)..

MiTV yet to become an agressive competitor to Astro.. still expensive, less coverage & WTCrap channels.. thus, people still opt for Astro as their satellite provider.. no competition = less improvement..

I would agree with the introduction of CSI.. (not the tv series) but Customer Satisfactory Index.. those who got under Par should deserved their licenses to be revoked... heh.. baru padan muka..

Well, reality bites.. we are living in a capitalist world.. where the rich got richer.. and the-not-so-rich? heh, go figure...

Reference : The One With AstroNoMore? - Monday, June 07, 2004

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