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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
The One With The Shopperlog 

Item : A00001 - MJ/MBK Members Sneak Preview Sale

Somebody promised to buy me a new pair of shoes last week.. so we went to OU and found one nice pair but did not have my size.. so we decided to check at another outlet at MVMM last nite..

Again, there were other sizes, bigger and smaller, none fit my feet.. Showing our determination of buying the same pair, we went to MetroJaya (MJ) since there are a small corner selling that brand..

Co-incidently, it was also a Sneak Preview Sales for MJ and Maybankard (MBK) members.. but again, no size for me.. maybe it wasnt meant to be mine.. :P.. tired and hungry, we thought of going back to the main outlet since the saleslady promised she can ask for a stock transfer from BB outlet to hers.. what a kind salesperson she is.. but as I said, it might not to be mine, yet.. browsing in MJ, I found another nice pair of shoes, but cheaper by a hundred ++.. plus additional 20% discount only for that nite.. :D wat a buy.. so.. I got a replacement for this good old shoe.. as well as a new short sleeve shirt, a belt and a suit!!.. :))

Mrs got herself few shirts, pants, loafers and Jr got himself ABC toys, a bag and a potty!! heh.. he's so growing!!

It was hell of a shopping.. we never really shop like that before.. (we aren't shoppaholics, OK)..

But there was something that really disappoint me last nite.. As I was about to pay, I noticed that MBK holders may enjoy a 0% interest scheme for purchases above RM500 charged to the card.. taking advantage of this, I asked them to do so.. unfortunately.. none of the cashier knows how to process the transaction.. they had to call for a senior staff from other floor.. some trial and error being done.. they even didnt know that card terminal need to be plug with a phone line.. :P.. I was so pissed off tht point of time.. very tired and very hungry then, stuck at cashier counter for half an hour.. they finally resolved it by swiping my card at other counter on other floor..

And that wasnt happened just once.. Mrs also found herself in trouble of paying.. and the same staff, from the same floor needed to be called.. and another half an hour wasted.. We arrived home around 1230 am last nite.. very very tired and very very hungry..

Lesson learnt.. two words but important one.. 'Knowledge Sharing'.. imagine if 10 people or even 100, asked for that kind of transaction (or any other transaction, in global) at the same time.. you have the technology all over the place.. but only one have the knowledge to handle the thing.. how much extra effort need to be done, how much extra time need to be spend.. how much money might have lost.. if at least they share the information, a lot can be saved.. and we could be back earlier to see Jr playing with his new golf set.. :P

p/s: 23/02 3pm - MJ management called just now to further investigate the issue.. and apologized on the matter.. kudos to MJ CS team..

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