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Monday, February 13, 2006
The One With Sexual Harrassment in Work Place 

I met with a good friend of mine yesterday.. Quite sometimes since the last meeting.. I think it was when she was about to join some multi-national-company which was one or two years back.. soo.. I asked her about her job now.. first reply was.. "errrmmm.."

By "errrm".. i figured there must be something.. heh.. she explained that everything is just perfect for her since previously she was quite a hopper.. celebrating her birthday twice with this company was quite an achievement for her.. hahaha.. everything was just perfect except her manager..

Their project team are pretty small.. less than 10 people.. her manager, not that old, married with three kids, although holding a quite high-post, is very approachable and friendly.. and sometimes too friendly i supposed.. even too friendly to share with everyone of their team members (which 70% are girls) about dirty jokes, double-meanings words, his sexual life, sexual fantasy etc.. hah.. a bit crazy eh?

Imagine when u come to office one day and your boss says to you "What a nice sexy red lacy bra you have.." or "I personally think X got nicer butt then Y".. WTF..

I told this friend of mine, maybe it was just a reverse psychology to tell his staffs to wear more decent office outfit, or he just being nice to complement his subordinates.. :)).. she totally disagree.. after she told me that guy once explained a detail steps-by-steps on making love to one of her senior colleague who was then getting married.. I also disagree with my own 'positive thoughts'... ahahahaha...

Well.. it wasnt the first time i hear this kind of story.. there was one team lead in my first job who behave quite similar.. but as his level is not that high plus his team members were also as crazy as him.. quite understandable.. hehehe..

But hello.. for me, personally.. wake up!!.. it is not high school or college society.. we are all professional.. you wanna talk, you talk with your other GUY colleagues while at bar having drinks etc.. never talk with other opposite gender office-colleagues.. no matter how cool & crazy they are, I'm not sure whether they will enjoy such talks.. plus, as a leader this kind of attitude will not bring urself up but will surely losing others' respect to you..

So my advice to this friend of mine.. erm.. you can be cool and just listen+ignore his 'so-called-jokes'.. or tell him in his face that u are bothered by all those.. seek further advice with HR manager on sexual harrassment in work place guidelines..

any other advices you guys wanna add? or experience of such? care to share with us.. :D

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