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Monday, August 30, 2004
The One With The Spanish Armada 

* Disclaimer : This post is related on football.. non-footie fan.. u may just skip.. :P *

When Wenger and Houllier started to manage Arsenal and Liverpool consecutively, the league began to flood with French players.. most remembered names would be Barthez, Blanc, Sylvestre, Desailly, Vieira, Makelele, Djorkaeff, Pires, Henry.. Like naming the whole French national team; only without Zidane.. According to Premierleague.com, all-time history of the 12-years-and-counting English Premier League recorded 126 frenchmen (including profilic Cantona and Ginola) ever played or still playing in any of 38 teams that ever reached the top flight of English Football league, the third highest behind English(1237) and Scottish(130) of course..

When Gullit started to manage Chelsea, he tried to influence the team with his Italian connection.. mobbed by famous Zola, Di Matteo and Vialli.. However.. Italians failed to invade EPL since their national team would not give a call-up to any players play in other league except their Serie A..

Frenchs, Germans, Dutchs, Brazillians.. most of them found themselves easily adapted in the league.. except for Spanish.. before season 2003/2004.. less than 5 Spanish ever played in EPL.. Marcelino for instance, signed for Newcastle but didn't play a single Premier League game for almost two years which later got his service terminated and headed back to his home country..

Then, when Wenger poised to splash a record-breaking £17m for Jose Antonio Reyes from Sevilla in order to help his previous free-signing Cesc Fabregas to settle in EPL, everything went the other way around.. This 2004/2005 season, the two wonder boys made a huge impact.. Reyes scored in every game while 17-year-old Cesc produced strings of assists.. made everyone forgotten about the inexistance of currently-injured Vieira from the team.. As for Liverpool, newly appointed manager Banitez already signed Josemi, Nunez, Xabi Alonso and Luis Garcia.. Bolton have ex-Madrid players Campo and Hierro, even Sir Fergie copied Wenger move by signed Gerrard Pique from Barca (whom yet to play any game)..

As for today, 13 Spanish recorded their name in the EPL history book.. Banitez and Wenger are still keen on signing many others.. this year would be a new era of EPL which brings to much greater excitement for all footie-fans, I bet..

p/s : Ironically, Camacho of Real Madrid signed two more englishmen, Owen & Woodgate for his side..

The One With Friends 

Having a father as a bank manager, has got me goin to one place to another. It was forever shifting and moving. So was my circle of friends.

And thinking back, I think I shd have more friends than most people. In Sungai Petani, in Kuching, PJ....wat-not. Seems like the whole of Malaysia. Perhaps it was because I am such a 'shy' person. Hehehehe...or probably an introvert as many would say. Nevertheless, the thing is that, I do have 'friends' in all these places. Yet, I failed to keep in touch with them.

But friendship works in 2 ways right?!!! Just like relationship. It is a 2 way kinda thing. (trying to push away the blame from myself) Maybe they should try to contact me too. Hahahahahahaaa...this is seriously funny.

The thing is...certain times, friends are taken for granted. And it is exceptionally difficult to keep in touch when there's the distance...and of course other obligations. Work. Family. Etc. You tend to hold on to the ones who can see everyday...or every other day of the week. But then, there are still friends whom you call occasionally and still can communicate to each other as if it was only yesterday you guys had tht conversation.

I know I am missing my friends. And I wish that they know that I would call them and be with them as often as I can. But I am holding to the bond. To the friendship. Hoping that they would to. And if they ever had the free time, and the xtra cash, to call me too.

Friday, August 27, 2004
The One With The New Settlement? 

Trivia : Where do Arabs go for shopping?

I guess eversince 9/11, Arabs don't get their chance to visit the States, Aussies or UK.. So, where do they head to? Suria KLCC..

A friend of mine who's working in KLCC asked me a week before that regarding this matter.. i just couldn't care less.. I thought it was just a normal view.. We haven't been to KLCC a lot lately since OU and Midvalley are just around the corner.. With some particular reasons, (going to Mothercare biggest outlet to be precise) we went there last Wednesday.. I was damn surprised.. There were a Lot of Arabs.. a Lot with capital L.. From those with purdah, hijab and even some with hanging bellies.. Some you only could see their eyes, some you could see their pierced belly-button.. you couldn't pretend not to notice.. they were everywere.. seriously everywhere..

I wonder.. Where do they stay? Are they creating their new settlement over here? Like those africans in Bukit Bintang & Chow Kit area? Do they come here legally?

Well, in a way.. Suria KLCC has achieved its objective to attract tourists from all over the countries visit our so-called great country.. which also contributes to nation income and gives a big boost towards economy growth..

Looking from another way however.. I think KLCC is no longer relevant to be an attraction for Malaysian ourselves.. For both of us especially.. we went there, straight to Mothercare.. looked for some nice stuff for our little one.. had an 'expensive' dinner at its half renovated foodcourt.. (The last time we had Nasi Dagang with Ayam percik for around RM 5.50.. that time, they charged us RM7.. RM3.50 for Nasik Dagang kosong with telur.. Ridiculous..).. and stopped a couple of minutes at ISETAN and went back.. we managed to spend approximately 1 hour and 13 minutes only.. (how we know for exact? every now and then we were conscious on the parking rate.. :P)

For no certain reason.. we definitely not going there.. How about you?

ps: Harian Metro published stats here

The One With the Tarik Kereta 

Guess what? I just saw someone tarik kereta someone's. The towtruck came with another car (with 2 bouncers). They were all Indians (muka menakutkan like 'dont mess with me kinda face').

If you didnt pay your car loan for a certain amount of time, do they have the right to just take your car without telling you? For instance, you drove your car to work. Then suddenly, after office, you came out to find your car missing. Is that legal?

How long do you have before they have the right to take your car away from you?!!! How many months/years?

*I wonder what the owner of the car think of when he couldnt find his car? Report to the police? Hmmm...

The One With In the Mood for Merdeka 

Keranamu Malaysia...

I dont think I have been blogging much these few days, although there's much to be said. For example, the Nurulhuda case. Would it be because I am just too tired and sick reading the papers? Not that I have stopped reading them...just tired of questioning why this is so and why this is not. For instance, why is the MRR2 scheduled to be opened in a few months time, when it is not safe? To ease the trafiic?!!! BULL!!! Why a 2 yr-old project could succumb to the enormous weight of the heavy traffic? The killing of a concern elder brother? The snatching of baby...hey you got the goods already why take the child..

And so on...

What are all these crap?!!! Tell me something...should we just look at all the good side of it and let the bad side be bygone?!!! The Twin Towers. The increasing economic growth. What else?!!!

What is Merdeka to you anyway?!!! The freedom to build your empire and do whatever you want to when there're obstacles (couldnt care less about others). To kill anyone 'unintentionally'.To snatch anything. To hurt the helpless and harmless. To blame others for something you did, be it the Unknown Man or just the guy next door.

47 years. We have been freed. Freed from what? The British?!!! Are you sure that we are free...

47 years we have come to be Malaysians. But are we Malaysians?!!!

47 years...are we moving ahead and forward...or plainly backward day-after-day. Oh dont be blinded by the technologies. Open your eyes and look closely around you. Is this Malaysia to you? Is this what you want Malaysia to be?

Are we united as Malaysians? A group of Britain's Parliament members wants to bring THEIR Prime Minister t court. These members come from the Labour & Conservative Party. (Check out the article). So, can our government be united for the best interest of the rakyat?!!! Both the opposotion team and BN of course. Can we?

Our rukunnegara:
1. kepercayaan kepada tuhan (Belief in God)
2. kesetiaan kepada raja dan negara (Loyalty to King and Country)
3. keluhuran perlembagaaan (Supremacy of the Constitution)
4. kedaulatan undang undang (The Rule of Law)
5. kesopanan dan kesusilaan (Mutual respect and good social behaviour)

Tell me...tell me...do you remember this verse? Do you remember Negaraku? Do you understand them and hold them in your heart???

My o my...I cant wait for the Merdeka holiday!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2004
The One With From Welfare to Billionaire 

Intrigued by Star's article entitled Malaysians dominate region’s top 40 richest list, I started searching in Forbes.

DO you know that Bill Gates heads the list of Forbes Wealthiest People on World with $46.6bill at the age of 48? DO you know that Roman Abramovich, 37 (owner of Chelsea FC) is #25 in the same list, with $10.6bil?!!!

Gosh! I have been reading a few articles on forbes, ie Envy with Green, Phillip Green, a dropped out, he made his first profit of $30K by selling his first store. And later on, he made $340million by selling of the Sears Group. I am amazed! Bedazzled! Intrigued! Argh...lost of words.

Read it all at Forbes.

What would you do if you have $1bil? RM1bil? RM1mill? I cant stop listing the things I want. Oh well...that's things. Do??? What would I do? Buy more property? Sell more companies? Get richer by the day? How should I be like? Down-to-earth? Stuck up? More cheapskate? More stingy? High taste? Ahhh...the consequences of having TOO MUCH money...

What about you?

DO you have want it takes to be a billionaire?

p/s: There's Stefan Quandt, age 38, still single, rank #59..owns the BMW!!!! Cool?!!! Stefan the Millionaire...

The One With The 1.5" TV 

Does anyone here finds it's cool to watch TV on a 1.5" screen? No.. no.. not 15".. it is 1.5"..

If you do, 'all' you have to do is.. Make sure u live in Klang Valley, buy a Nokia 6230 which cost around RM1.8k, or other brand that support EDGE (currently u dont have any other choice).. subscribe to DiGi postpaid / prepaid.. pay VoD subscription fees of RM14.50 per month (on top of yr monthly bill).. and.. volla.. u can watch TV via ur tiny-weeny handphone's screen..

Oh BTW.. I forgot to mention.. U may only watch live broadcast of a non-24-hours show NTV7, and some delayed telecast of TV3 and 8TV thru Video on demand..

Still sounds cool?

Ref : Siaran TV di telefon bimbit RM14.90 sebulan

The One With the Apostates 

Religion was given to us, since the very first day we were created in our mother's womb. We took up our parent's religion, was taught and learnt all the possible basics of our religion, be it Islam or Buddhist or Christianity or Hindu or wat-not. We embrace the faith, and hold it in our hearts. In time, as we grow older, the hope is that we would be true followers of our faith since we can now think on our own. Obviously, the first thing that comes to the mind is what you have been taught from little. And I am sure that there would be days when there would be questions of why this is so and why it isnt so. Some may be weary, and lose faith. Some may eventually understood the purpose of his living.

I dont really know how people can be apostates. Maybe they were pushed too hard. Or maybe somebody influenced them. Or maybe they had thought about it deeply and hard enough to be wise and take the big step in becoming apostates of their religion. It can be either good or bad. Of course, being a Muslim, I would rather have everyone be a Muslim. But this is not the case here. We are not talking about any specific religion. Every parent in this world would want to best educate their child with their religion and the Earth's education of technology/language etc. No one would want them to be apostates. But it happens. And my only wish or prayer would be that they find the peace in their soul in whatever region (whether they are apostates or not), as I have found in mine.

To everyone, it is always best to think carefully of what you are about to hold faith in your heart. It is wise that you think carefully about it, and once you have given thought of it, embrace it well. The process of being true followers should always be an on-going process. And dont let obstacles stop you during your journey. Accept it as a test from God.

I am not sure on how some people can live without having a religion, because to me, religion builds who you are. And all religion teaches us to be good human beings. Thus, I wish that the free thinkers and people without a religion the best of heart, that they too have it in their hearts to be good, and find peace in their souls.

a pos tate: n.
One who has abandoned one's religious faith, a political party, one's principles, or a cause.

*A friend post this URL as his yahoo custom message.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004
The One With Malaysians' Math 

I'm pretty sure u would have experiencing something like this before..
Scene : A roadside stall

Seller : Hi, good morning. What's for breakfast young man?
Young Man : Hmmm.. can I have one fried rice, hmmm with fried egg please..
Seller : Ok.. anything else..
Young Man : How much is this kuih?
Seller : Three for RM1 only, son..
Young Man : Hmm.. I just take one then..
Seller : So.. RM1.50 for fried rice, plus one kuih.. RM1.80..
Young Man : I think I want to take another one of this kuih.. How much?
Seller : RM2.20 ...
I just dont get it.. they are selling 1 kuih for 30¢.. but it will be RM1 for 3.. even worse 70¢ for 2.. Hmm.. well.. probably they actually rate one for 35¢.. since it isnt easy to provide a 5¢ balance and 40¢ for one sounds too expensive.. they just override the 5¢.. BTW how many would really care, do you?

p/s: That 'Young Man' never buy more than one kuih ever since..

The One With The All-In-One Card 

I read on one article in Computimes, MyKad: A step towards cashless society.

Excerpt :
"If then we have to carry at least four cards, namely IC, driving licence, ATM, Touch 'n Go for four different transactions, now we only need one, that is MyKad," he says.
Heheh.. I dont wanna talk about the rational, implication etc etc etc.. I just wanna share some experience.. when the worst case scenario happenned..

It may not be straight-forwardly related coz it happened 10 years back actually.. (way before Mykad came into the picture).. 1994, I went to (ermmm.. i couldnt remember which school, RMM I guessed) to play handball for our school team in district tournament.. excited with our winning streak.. 4 of us by mistake left our bags at a side of the field.. yup.. it was a hectic tiring day.. we completely forgotten about our stuff.. that day.. we celebrated winning the U-15 district tournament by losing our bags + wallets.. crap..

It wasn't that bad until when we wanted to make the replacement card.. First.. we went to police station to make a police report.. they gave us temporary ID which valid for (ermmm.. 3 days or a week.. i couldn't recall).. we had to bring that temp ID to JPN before we can request for new NRIC..

There... the major problem began.. we needed to have two copies of IC size picture + RM10++ for penalty.. heh.. of course.. when u are in a boarding school.. you don't carry so much extra money except in ur wallet and in ur bank.. since the wallet had gone.. we headed to the bank.. we got the bank book but to withdraw money, we also needed an IC.. temp ID from police station was not accepted by Bank Simpanan Nasional as a legal document.. Is was so ironic when BSN said "No IC no money.. " while JPN said "No money no IC".. double crap..

In system development, we describe above mentioned scenario as 'dreadlock' 'dead-lock' and 'starvation' situation.. (for further reading u may google on dining philosophers which normally being used to explain the case).. In order to solve the dead-lock, additional resource(s) from outside need to be brought in.. in that case.. We had to borrow money from other friends.. (obviously we cannot borrow somebody's IC).. Few days later, school admin told us they'd found all our stuff except money of course..

So, if we have this all-in-one card in exercise.. and the worst case scenario happen.. Would this kind of dead-lock not occur anymore.. or could it become any worse? We shall see..

Tuesday, August 24, 2004
The One With the Bantal Busuk 

nak Bantal Bushukkkk!!!!!!

Malaysians are so familiar with this term; babies are soooo attached to their bantal busuk. My niece once left hers at the kampung, and my mother-in-law had to send it via post aka poslaju (the mailman must be wondering what would be in the box? i wondered what my mother-in-law wrote for the description bit). Well, anyway some may not have their bantal busuk...some probably have something of their obssession...a must-thing to have to go to sleep...??? or perhaps when doing something? and the best thing is that...this phenomenon does not happen to just babies or kids...it happens to adults too. Some probably have some hidden 'Barney' somewhere..or 'penyu'?!!!

what would yours be?

The One With The Yaqzans 

Congratulations to both Muhammad Hasni & Puan Yuniza for the birth of their twins; Muhammad Hazeeq Yaqzan & Muhammad Haseef Yaqzan. They were born on the 21st August, last Saturday.

To all fellow anythin_goes @ SA/MMU batch 98...
these are our first nephews...

p/s: the babies are soooo cute...cant wait for ours *wink

Saturday, August 21, 2004
The One With The Gen.2 Special Edition 

Excerpt from my school old boys assiociation bulletin :

In conjunction with the Centenary Celebrations, Proton Edar has agreed to produce 100 units of the Proton Gen.2 in four colours: Black, Pearl White, Red and Yellow repectively. Of course, this depends on whether we can get at least 100 confirmed orders first. It will carry the Special Edition logo and the interior fabric can possibly be furnished with your house colour.
Actually, the idea came up months ago but I just decided to post after they made it official.. Such an interesting idea to celebrate the 100 years of school establishment. A hundred units of special edition Gen.2. And probably with special number plate too.. The first "real" Proton model, with Malaysian designed and built Campro engine..

--content edited--

Read March Press release where Proton STRONGLY denied that there exists any technical defect to its CAMPRO engine as claimed by an article originating from Dow Jones and published in Bloomberg.

Excerpt :
"The engine has accumulated more than 25,000 man-hours and successfully completed more than one million kilometres of testing, equivalent to driving around the world 25 times"
Hopefully this special edition model will be equipped with at least fire-proof bodykit and a fire extinguisher.. *wink

Thursday, August 19, 2004
The One The Fire Awareness & Training Programme 

18th & 19th August 2004
The Auditorium


Please kindly take note that the Safety Commitee will be organising a Fire Awareness & Training Programme on 18th & 19th August 2004 for ALL employees. By attending this programme, you will be able to respond effectively and properly during emergencies.

You may opt to attend on either day convenient to you.

I spent half a day attending this talk today.. erm.. I was a Fire Brigade Cadette back in my secondary years, so almost nothing new for me.. anyway.. The best thing was, at the end of the talk session, the Fire Marshall aka Head of Security Committee asked the audience, "Did I use the stage well-enough, how was my pitching.."

Hehe.. some people still in their fever mode..

Wednesday, August 18, 2004
The One With The Shopping Rights Denial 

Have u ever been to a mall, wandering in a shopping department and all eyes were on you?? Like you are some kind of alien or a potential shoplifter.. or even worst, serial rapist cum killer or sumthing??

I spent my lunch hours today looking for a stethoscope.. (real, not toys.. do you know where to get one?).. But ended up at FOS; if there's any bargain stuff.. i was lucky since there were some kewl items for less than RM10 a piece.. two for RM16 to be exact.. nice.. however while I was checking out the size, I noticed two shop assistants were suspiciously look at me.. as per my description above..

I did check my zipper, but nothing was flying.. What did I do wrong?? Was I not supposed to be in there?? As far as I know, I have the rights to do anything I want to do, shop wherever I want to shop.. But those two seemed likely denying my rights.. I felt like looking at them back, show a finger and say "What's ur fcuking problem??"..

Heh.. I'm not that bad.. I just picked my stuff and went to the check out counter..

Well.. it must be their first day at work.. Or first time they saw a young male executive, shopping alone in Babies/Maternity section.. :P

Tuesday, August 17, 2004
The One With Mikrolembut Tingkap XP 

You guys may think It is pretty weird when these two computer geekies couple never talk about computers and gadgets.. We don't really into that.. Computers for work and not for our lives.. hehe.. however I decided to do so as it kinda pulled my interest when I flipped into Techcentral today; which reported :

BM version of Windows 'lite' to ship in October
PUTRAJAYA: Facing increasing interest in the upstart open source Linux operating system, US software giant Microsoft Corp announced that a low-cost, Bahasa Malaysia "lite" version of its Windows XP operating system will start shipping in October.

Windows XP Starter Edition will be available on low-cost desktop PCs available from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and through Microsoft OEM distributors.

Read more??

I studied Computers for 3 years and a half in a local uni.. there I was introduced by some words such as ; 'Tetingkap', 'Kekunci', etc.. I couldn't remember others.. darn.. such a silly way to learn Graphical User Interface subject in BM.. especially when we were asked to describe functions of 'Antaramuka', 'Butang Radio', 'Menu Tarik ke Bawah'?? Oh my.. Really, it was so damn hard..

Years later, Microsoft decided to introduce "Bahasa Malaysia "lite" version of its Windows XP operating system".. What shall they call it? MikroLembut Tingkap XP?? Hmmm.. lets just wait and see..

Monday, August 16, 2004
The One With AF Magic 

Excerpt from Aznil Hj Nawawi, AF Final Concert :

"Yang 'magic'nya Akademi Fantasia, bila dua jiwa ditemukan semula atas dasar persahabatan, Yang 'magic'nya Akademi Fantasia bilamana kaum keluarga berkumpul tak kira umur menonton satu rancangan."
True enuff.. That's what we did.. (I was supposed to record all those moments but somehow I left my digicam at home).. hanged out at our uncle's newly renovated house.. 'Pot-lucked'.. watched the final concert of Malaysian favourite Akademi Fantasia on the wide (& colored.. hehe..) projector screen with parents, aunties, cousins, 'nieces' while enjoying our dinner.. The ladies, mostly would be bz with their handphones AFUNDIng their favourite contestant, (couldn't really say favourite actually since mum voted for at least 4 out of 6 contestants)..

Best performance of the night would definitely came from Bob.. interesting songs sang with a powerful voice.. Although it was too little too late for him, as Zahid won the most votes and drove home the Citroen C3.. While seeking the true talent, some may be overlooked the composers & song writers.. Adnan Abu Hassan composed two great songs.. Cat's rap was a so-so but Zahid managed to uplift it so well.. JFK/Teejay's specially made for Kaer really touched.. Nurul & Ajai need to do better..

However the most controversial performance was from an AF2 ex-student with AF1 runners-up aka her (so-called) ex.. Aznil forgot to mention the magic of AF, could turn a friend of mine, green.. heheh..

And finally..
"The magic of AF, when viewers RM7.5m worth of money successfully transferred to Astro via Telco providers.."
p/s: From AF Fever back to EPL Fever..

The One With Losing Ur Mind, Over Losing Someone... 

A friend of mine is in need...(he's probably reading this sometime soon). Well anyway, the scenario is that, he loves this girl. This girl loves him. But she had been asked to marry someone else. Due to family reasons, she unwillingly said yes to the proposal and know she's married.

So this friend of mine is goin bonkers. He's head over heels in love with her. Everything seems just 'right', yet it's not. He should've been him. The girl did mention that if she loves him still in 1 year's time, she would get a divorce and wat-not.

So what's he to do next? Wait for her? Or ...? (What would you do?)

My dearest friend (if you are reading this), my advice has always been, pray to God for He knows the answer and that there's always a blessing in disguise. Everything is meant to be. Segalanya ada hikmah di sebaliknya.

The One With Ayahanda, Pulanglah... 

As most of you might have known that Kaer's final song in Akademi Fantasia last Saturday was Kau Kembali. Below is the original lyrics by Johan Farid Khairuddin & Omar Khan. Definitely powerful lyrics. Dedicated to all fathers, father-to-be, guys and boys who will be man.

An excerpt from Johan's blog:
When Kaer makes it to the finals with your vote...
he will then be able to perform this song,
dedicating it to his dad, who has left his family,
urging him (the dad) to return to take care of (if not
him), his mother and sibblings.

Help save a child... and a family.

Ayahanda, Pulanglah
Lagu: Johan Farid Khairuddin
Lirik: Omar Khan

Mengapa langit nan biru
Mengapa daun 'kan gugur
Oh mengapa dunia kelam tanpa mentari
Mengapa bertahun lama kau pergi
Haruskah diri membenci
Namun hati terus rela menerima

Kau kembali
Membawa sinar cahya
Kau pulangkan sinar mata di Bonda
Kau terangi sudut hati yang kelam
Usahlah dikenang kisah yang lama lagi
Ayah, kau kembali

Ku ingin mendakapimu
Tapi langkah masih kaku
Namun aku
Teguh mengorakkan senyuman
Oh Ayah
Mengapa bukan dahulu
Kau hadir dalam hidupku
Ku keliru
Namun ingin sekali ku

Repeat chorus

Tiada kata yang dapat ku gambarkan suasana
Pahit getir namun aku telah sedia
Untuk rela memaafkan seribu dosa lama
Dari hidup sesaat lagi tanpa mu
Oh Ayah

(Repeat chorus)

from CyberSonique

Friday, August 13, 2004
The One With Inflation Getaway 

From today's The Star, I read on government concerns of oil price.. World oil prices hit the record high on Aug 10 at almost US$45 (RM171) a barrel. Pak Lah also gave a hint on oil price hike.. (again??..) Parallel with this, Deputy Minister of Energy, Water and Communiaction reported in Utusan, TNB will probably announce the their new tarif rate starting next year due to changes on oil and gas trading price..

The price war goes higher and higher.. Inflation.. Main reason? Oil and gas prices..

When Henry Ford mass-produced his T-model, I bet he won't project what would happen in centuriy or perhaps centuries to come.. Scientists and researchers had involved in engine evolution from powerless noisy steam, unhealthy diesel and current petrol/gasoline powered engine.. But future long-term replacement for the black-gold is still unclear.. When can we stop depending on this resource? There might be some alternative, but the best yet to come..

Here are some possible replacements :

1. Electric/battery powered : Had been used since as early as 1900.. however it failed to break the market as it become one of soon-to-extinct invention.. In July last year, GM made a mock funeral of for their wiped out EV1 model.

2. Hydrogen-fuel cars : Mercedes-Benz already launched 6 of their trial cars to be tested in chosen country, our neighbour Singapore for two years.. hidrogen-fuel cars is said to be the most environmental friendly machine of all time since it will only emit water vapors and heat.. However some source said, in order to produce the compressed hydrogen-fuel eg: burning coal, could lead to green house effect yada yada yada.. It also dangerous actually.. Furthermore, cost of the hydogen fuel is still too expensive nowadays.. The Mercedes A-Class that use for 2-year-trial alone cost around S$1.8m.. clean but way expensive.. I pass...

3. Bio-fuel powered : Or fuel created from stuff that can be grown. Eg: ethanol from Corn, biodiesel from soy.. or even from Malaysian self-produced palm oil.. (I've heard some Malaysian researchers also looking into that.. ).. On the positive side, it is non-toxic and biogradable.. imagine, rather than depends on oil from Middle East, it will be them who will depend on us.. It is still new and major development need to be done..

The best choice so far would be hybrid cars.. (Combination of 2 or more sources eg :rechargable battery+petrol powered) cars where fuel consumption is lower (in a long-term calculation)..

Man had been to the moon(?? did they??), wireless communication, dengue can be cured.. Hope one day, a breakthrough energy replacement for resource-shrinking oil would be found.. May be the 'hijab' hasn't been open..

Thursday, August 12, 2004
The One With The Activities for Below 40 

I was reading yanz's blog when I noticed the list she had of the things to before she dies. I have noticed it earlier...but..didnt do much of it. Since my boss is out for meeting 5mins ago, and i am stuck with my work..thought i'll blog about it today.

One of my dream (things to do) which is the same as yanz is bungy jumping. I have always wanted to do that, and dont really know why. Perhaps it's because of the adrenaline rush. I forgot to mention that I am totally IN LOVE with roller coasters. To me, when I in one of the horrifying rides, I lose myself...like lost somewhere. I have no control of the things around me, no control of myself. Ahh..no I am not one of the people who shouts whenever they are on a roller coasters. Some say it's better to shout..it's like letting your fears go. To me, it's about letting myself go.

With rides that turn 360 degrees, I always love the scenery. This is a totally different way to look at the world. To look at life. Everything is not as it seems, and vice versa. So when it comes to bungy jumping, I would be thinking that...I have no control of the speed, or the gravity pull...and that the scenery (upside-down) would be totally out of the mind. Of course, it's like risking your life. It's dangerous. To think of it, everything in life is risky.

And the adrenaline. I am not a very active person. But I always feel good having that short moment of adrenaline rush. I went to Knotsberry Farm, in Anaheim USA when I was fifteen. Went up for a ride. It's like...one corkscrew thingy, but there's a point when you could see the first guy right in front of you, if you are sitting at the last seat that is. It goes up nearly 90 degrees, and drops and turns 360 degrees and goes up again for 90 degrees stop..and before you know it...you drop again. I can still remember this ride because I could feel as if I left myself when it dropped down. Some might say that you left your heart or something.

But that's the best part. In life, the scenario is the same. There will be a point when you queue for something, and when you finally get it, you could probably lose yourself for a second.. or the ride could even last for a couple of minutes. Yet, what differs is the person you are when you get off the ride. You faced the long queue (challenge), you meet with various people along the way, you lose yourself for a second..and you come back to reality next. You faced your fears, like if I could leave my heart just for that one second, I could overcome so much more. So, you build a new you in the end, in a way that is.

Oh well...I am still looking forward for my next roller coaster ride.

1. Must always ride either in the first row or last row when riding a roller coaster.
2. Should do these activities below age 40 (advisable). Your body wouldnt be able to withstand the adrenaline rush.
3. havent been to Six Flags Magic Mountain (anyone's been there?)
4. Any recommendation for the best rides (out of Malaysia -> been to Genting and Times Square)?
5. Honey, shall we go to NZ for the bungy jumping?

The One With Couch Potatoes 

I realized that we both couldn't 'really' live without TV.. We live in a condo that unable to provide a centralized UHF antenna, thus we subscribe to Astro.. Last couple of months, the decoder got kaput and needed to be serviced, I bought a UHF indoor antenna.. the receiption still not very clear.. so, we spent most of our Astro-less time at my in-laws.. Luckily the servicing just took less than a week..

The best thing is.. for the two of us, for almost each and every day in primetime esp. (7-11pm), we would have at least one of our favourite tv shows .. eg: Saturdays=AFFever, Sundays=Futurama, Mondays=Still Standing + Boston Public, Tuesdays=John Doe + Law & Order, Wednesdays=CSI + Charmed (now replaced by Ed) etc etc etc..), may be someday, it may not our best favourite shows but STILL we can watch it eg: Friday=Malaysian Idol etc.. EXCEPT (i repeat, EXCEPT) on THURSDAYS..

We subscribe minimum package of Astro.. which bring about (4 cartoons + 3 variety + 3 sports + 17 family + 1 8TV = 38 channels all together.. (my sis subscribe to astro back in my hometown in Johore.. I lost count on how many channel we have; Astro + S'pore tv + indon tv..)).. we tried to flip our remote to find ONE good TV show on THURSDAY; we yet to find one.. hmmmm... you guys may suggest us to watch a girl who slay the vampire, I'm sorry that's not our taste.. I can tolerate with three pretty witches killing demons but not one skinny slayer; nor vampire killing vampire. Angel.. those are a No-No..

I wonder why... My beloved wife informed me, when she worked for two months in the Land of Ozzies, there won't be any good tv show on Sundays.. simply because they encourage people to get socialized, spend quality time with family, visit the museums, zoos, parks, etc rather than just laying their lazy a$$e$ on couch on Sundays.. That really make some sense..

However, here in Malaysia, crappy TV shows shown on Thursdays.. What do they want to encourage?? What should we do without TV?? Hmmmmm.. Khamis mlm Jumaat.. Oh... we should be at mosque for 'Bacaan Yaasin'.. *wink*

p/s: Do you guys think so too? or is it just the two of us think Thursdays TV shows are crappy?? :P

Wednesday, August 11, 2004
The One With the Reality Show 

The Bachelor. Akademi Fantasia. Race to the Altar. Who Will Win. What else? American Idol. Malaysian Idol.

Oh well...probably i should categorised them where audience votes count etc. Nonetheless, if you have been watching Akademi Fantasia II, you would know of them (the organizers) changing their rules at the very last minute. AFMASUK. There should be 5 finalist, but a few before the finals, another was allowed to be in, thus making it 6 finalist. Of course the 6th is voted by the audience again.

The thing is...it was a surprise. And outraged most. Which leads to the Reality Shows. Reality shows have become quite big these few years. Imagine actually having a REAL Truman show. Reality shows are somehow unpredictable. And people get excited over the small details, thinking that "Hey, it's REAL. It's life. These are the real people". These are shows trying to portray the closest real stories of our everyday life. Yet...well..there are still shows anyway.

And indeed, Akademi Fantasia II should not be the same as Akademi Fantasia I. Or Joe Millionaire and The Bachelor. Stories are made to have twists. So these 'organizers' and production people are trying to create that twist. Whether you like it or hate it, it gives a positive outcome to them. It's your emotional sentiment that gives that extra value.

But to think of it, you have cameras around you 24/7. Every corner in your life, there's a hidden camera. But it does not make you less of an actor.

And the objective? To get profit. Money from the audience. The more you watch it, the more they get the ratings. The more you SMS, the more money they collect. Even the participants are there for the money. And they are all actors and actresses.

Oh well..reality bites.

Time to get new ideas for brilliant pictures.

The One With Garfield : The Movie 

Garfield, a big fat lazy orange striped cat born into the comic world in 19 June 1978.. He loves lasagnas, TVs and hates Mondays.. Now from the comic strips and animated cartoon series(Garfield & Friends), creator Jim Davis adapted it into movie screen in Garfield : The Movie..

Last night we were selected to be among the first to watch the movie premiere at GSC Midvalley (thanks to Cinema Online Contest)..

Garfield the Movie - features Breckin Meyer(Roadtrip) as Garfield's owner Jon Arbuckle, Jennifer Love Hewitt as vet Dr Liz Wilson and Bill Murray as the voice of Garfield. Storyline is all about Garfield being too fat, too lazy and always takes advantage over his loving long-suffering owner Jon.. One fine day, he discovers Jon's love and care turn to his new pet dog, Odie.. Garfield feels disgusted and left out.. Then, when Odie got lost and kidnapped by a mean trainer, Happy Chapman(Stephen Tobolowsky), Garfield admits he's responsible and turns himself from zero to hero..

All in all.. it was a good 90-minutes movie.. (particularly helps by free tickets+nice center seats factor).. However, the idea to join CGI cat and live-action stars was slight a mess because most of the time the graphic wasn't smooth enough and a little bit 'awkward'.. For most of Garfields' lovers (or ex-lovers), the fat cat looks cuter and more adorable in his daily strips and Animated series.. For chicks lovers; Jennifer Love Hewitt appears as a too-thin Dr with a bad hair day.. I still prefer her appearance in Can't Hardly Wait & I know What You Did Last Summer.. Bill Murray's voice definitely saved the day.. Something you shouldn't miss would be a short animated movie 'Go Nutty' shown before the movie.. Enjoy!!

Garfield's Quotable Quotes :

"I hate Mondays"
"I'm not overweight, I'm undertall."
"Diet is 'die' with a 't'."

Tuesday, August 10, 2004
The One With the Plastic Money 

Is there a limit to having credit cards? What's too many? Or what's too little? Or...dont have one.

I have been advising a colleague in getting a credit card. He wants to buy a camera. With so many shops implementing the 0% interest paying scheme, it would be an advantage to have one. Especially when there's no difference if you were to pay it by cash. At least, paying a small sum of money over the year/years, you could at least budget yourself that sum of money every month.

Then again, most people are worried about the debts and having to rely to these plastic money. Overspending. Near/exceed credit limit. I have these worries myself. But I guess, it all depends on your self-discipline. Self-control of temptation. The desire.

Again, there's no limit of having credit cards. If we were to look at the Americans, they seem to rely more to these plastic money than paper money. Having debts are normal. So is having 10 credit cards. So, one credit card for the petrol. One for the Insurance bill. One for the Astro bill. One for the grocery. And so on. Hahahhaaa..before you know it, you have a huge pile of debt to be paid each month, plus the interest charge and wat-not.

But the promotions are good. Free for life. Free handphones. Many cash deposits machine. Open 24-hours. And bla bla bla.

So, should we or shouldnt we have a credit card? Should we rely on plastic money?

Having a small amount of money every month, I definitely need to have at least one to get thru my monthly expenses. As long as I dont get overboard that is. *wink

p/s: Do you know that ...
1. if you want 200K credit limit, you have to have the VIP status, and pay an amount colaterally. (What would you do if you have that amount of credit limit now?!!! Weehooo...Shopping time!)
2. most ministers have VIP status and that they have UNLIMITED credit limit. Some may even not pay for months. And normally the bank will only call these non-payees after they are out of the 'office', and then declare them bankrupt.
3. easiest and most expensive way to transfer huge amount of money overseas is to put in under the credit card. You can cash them out abroad later.

The One With Malaysia's Belon 

We got our Bali ticket last March from MAS for RM598 per ticket. At that point in time, the normal price would be around RM800 something. So it was a bargain during the first MAS Fair. And that was in the last 4 months. When we went to cancel our ticket, we asked the marketing lady how much is the ticket now? Believe it or not, it's RM650++. That's the market price to Bali by MAS. Wanna guess how much it costs via Air Asia? With Real Rewards option (not sure about this; whether redemption or promotion), it costs RM199. And the normal market price is around RM300 to RM400. If you're lucky, and you book very much earlier, it could easily cost around RM200 to RM300. So what do you think?

We know for sure that MAS is losing out the domestic flights to Air Asia. But now, Air Asia has increased their services to Thailand and Indonesia. In no time, they will probably conquer the ASEAN region. I wonder what MAS has next for its costumers? I know now for sure, that the MAS Fair was probably a starting point to lower their ticket rates.

*Airplane is known as Belon in Sarawak.

The One With the Honeymoon Trip 

It's already 11 months that I have been married to my dear husband.

Last September, well a few months before our wedding, we were in a dilemma; whether or not we shd spend our honeymoon during the 4 days break between our kenduris; mine was on the 7th Sept and Zen's was on the 14th. One thing for sure, it was difficult to get any more leave after that. So, we decided to postpone our honeymoon trip to the next year; which this year.

Last March, during the MAS Fair, we bought 2 tickets to Bali. We had planned our honeymoon trip to be near our anniversary; so we were supposed to board the plane on the 30th August and back here again on the 2nd Sept. Accomodation was free of charge, thanks to my Aunty's time-sharing thingy. But then, we forgot about one thing. Well, we planned to get ourselves pregnant sometime, and occasionally it should be around before our one year anniversary...get the drift?!!! Well anyway, surprise surprise...we're pregnant now.

And the Bali trip? Well....my mother has this thingy about Bali with its puppet, and tokong and wat-not. So, it's a no-no land for a pregnant lady.

And the Bali trip??? We had to cancel it!!!

I am actually envying my dearest friend who will go to Italy for her honeymoon soon. My advice to the coming newly-weds, honeymoon is honeymoon. And yes, you can basically have it anywhere you want. Or anytime. But it is always best that you still have it. And again, plan well.

- Planning our the next honeymoon trip (Shdn't be anytime soon, but still...) ;)

The One Where I May Ban U 2 

We are in a situation where both of us need to provide a detail bank statement for the period of 6 months.. We both use same bank but different branch..

So yesterday we both went to our bank account branches.. My missus went in the morning to the one nearby our house.. everything seemed to be easy.. she needed to fill up one form and the bank will charge RM5 per request which will be deducted from her account.. The statement will ready for collection after 3 working days.. Everything went smooth..

Mine is nearby my office.. Wisma Consplant to be precise.. I went during lunch time.. walked in there and asked how may I request for the statement.. officer in-charge told me that I should just print from their Online website.. I said, I need 6 months data whereas from the website just provides 3 months of transactions.. Then, he replied with a straight-face look that I may request from them but they will charged RM11.. erm.. furthermore he asked me to write a formal letter.. WTF!! I dont have time for all those craps..

Then as I walked out, I bummed to a financial executive; so I asked her is there any easier way rather than writing a formal letter.. Without a smile, she said I may request via its online website..

Hmmmm.. That's better.. so far so good..

I went back and logged in to the website.. browsed through.. I could only find a statement request for Current Account.. not Savings Account.. CRAP.. double CRAP..


Why there are differences in treating customers between Branch A and Branch B? Was it because of the amount of money in the account? Was it because of gender (+pregnant belly) factor? Do they have too many customers thus too busy to happily entertain one petite customer like me? or Do they give a red-carpet treatment only to Priority account holders?

Flashback to last 3 years when I first came into the same branch to open my saving account.. I queued for just 15 minutes but I was entertained by a first-day-at-work-clerk I guessed.. She spent one and a half hour just to key-in my information while reading the instruction manual and nobody was there to help her.. I missed my lunch, and an hour late back to office.. She didn't even apologise for keeping me waited for that long.. I barely visit that branch ever since until yesterday and as I'd expected, same crappy feelings yet again.. Worse, I cannot request the statement from other branches.. Urghh..

I will consider switching to a different branch..

The One With The One-Third 

Last Saturday, we went to Bentong, for Farha (Mike) and Imran Harris (Gary) 's wedding (Check out our fotopages for pics). Aini (Luke) and Angah came along with us, while Ede, Zuraina (Inet) and Dira were behind us in another car. The ride was not that far, around 45 minutes or so.

Nonetheless, it got us into talking about stuffs. One interesting fact was that (informed by Luke) one-third of our batch is now married. The total students in my SSP batch was 86, plus minus the new Form 4's and the ones that got out would probably make it to a total of 90. So it seems that 30 of them are married. Probably half of that total with kids. And out of that, probably has their second child on the way. Cool eh?!!! Perhaps Dybb (SSP's Web Administrator) would want to update the statistics in the SSP 9296 website with this information.

According to Luke again, most of the I members are married. (Brief information: SSP has three classes per batch; Ilmu (I), Usaha (U) and Jaya (J). If I am not mistaken, I is Pure Science, U is General Science and J is Social Science.) Luke mentioned that she thought most of the I members would not marry early, and that they would be career woman.

In a way, I would like to think that having a family would not interfere with one's career. Well...it goes to a certain extend that is. Most would have set family to be their priority, and career next..and wat not. But according to my boss (she's from TKC), during her last reunion with her schoolmates, she noticed that all the brainy ones seem to have 5 to 8 kids. And some are even doctors mind you. While the middle range ones, would have lesser kids (Not that they are less successful). So that's the irony part.

It can really be surprising in the end. The person you thought would excel tremendously in her career, would probably end up being a homemaker. And vice versa. So anything can change within the years. Who would have thought of me marrying at the age of 24?!!! If you ask Mike or Luke or Umi, they would constantly said that my teen-wish was that I would be married at the age of 29 or 30. Hahahahaaa..by that time, I would probably have my second child (insyaAllah).

- Waiting for the 20 year reunion!!!

Friday, August 06, 2004
The One With Good Cop vs Bad Cop 

Last Monday in Still Standing; Judy is tired of always playing bad cop and having Bill undermine her authority to the kids, so she decides to take a day off and let all hell break loose under Bill's supervision. When she realizes that Bill is actually capable to handle their kids and just isn't willing to do so, Judy decides to play good cop for good...

NOTE : (In parenting dictionary, 'Good cop' is describing one who takes everything easily, calm & relax, favourite words would be 'it's OK', 'fine with me'; while 'bad cop' is the one who always strict and plays everything by the book, favourite word would be 'No!!', 'Cannot!!' etc ..)

Last night over family-dinner, a cousin of us consulted with our uncle & aunty on treating her little one; as parents-to-be in less than 4 months time, we just listened then for our future benefit.. :).. Based from their experience, first child would be the most potential victim of young-hot-headed parents; most of the time, there won't be Good Cop and Bad Cop.. all there were would be Bad Cop and Worse Cop..

We both agreed.. I still remember my mum told how furious late dad would be whenever Along, my eldest brother gets bad results in his exam; which later led to slaps; 'rotans' or belt-strikes.. - I'm the third, so lucky me.. as far as I remember mum n dad never hit me for even once.. (could possibly because I always do well in exams).. Despite that, when I was a kid, I always see dad as the good cop; and mum as the less-good-one (Read: not THAT Bad).. Did they switched their roles??

or I guessed as the time goes by, maturity would vanished one's 'Panas Baran'..

As for myself, my ill-tempered reached its peak in my teenage years.. A schoolmate of my, in his testimonial in Friendster; describes me as "my dorm monitor........ garang giler siot!!!!!!!" Well, indeed I was.. I could easily go moody and grumpy.. It slowly dispersed as I grew older especially after I met my beloved wife.. Yup.. (You might laugh on this my dear, and say 'Nah... he's still like that..'; believe me.. if u knew me 10 years back; u'll never ever think of falling for me.. :P) Still, the potential of me to be the bad cop is there.. Heck!! i dont wanna be the bad cop.. I wanna be the cool dad.. eheheh.. Could I?

It is still a long way to go for us to decide on how to treat our child; who's gonna be whom.. good cop or bad cop.. One thing that we've decided for sure is; whenever anyone of us snapped, the other must try to make things cool.. Thus, we'll be the BESTEST cop-partner in the whole wide world.. Insyaallah... :D

Wednesday, August 04, 2004
The One With The Decision 

Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it. This is a kind of death.
Anais Nin (1903 - 1977), "Winter of Artifice"

After reading a dear fren's entry on her blog, I felt like I wanted to add up some spice her already spicy entry, "The One With the Hurtful Words".

A brief information, both of us went out of SSP in 1994. What is SSP? It's an elite all-girls government boarding school, situated right smack in the middle of KL. Sekolah Seri Puteri Kuala Lumpur. Or known to some as Sekolah Perempuan Kolam Ayer. There's only 3 all-girls boarding school in Malaysia; Tunku Kurshiah College (TKC), Sekolah Tun Fatimah (STF) and SSP.

I think it was about a month or so after sitting for PMR that I started thinking about leaving SSP. Not that I was getting bad results, or had displinary problems and wat-not, rather it was merely a thought then (with valid reasons that is ie fear of getting bad result in PMR was one of it). And it got serious a few months before getting the PMR result itself. I remembered writing a long letter telling my parents why I wanted out before the holidays started. But my parents stated that we will only start thinking about it later, after I had the results. But then, as the day grew nearer, I told myself, whatever the verdict is I wanted out, by hook or by crook. When the day came, I refused to go to school to get the results and told my mother that she had to submit my application to leave school then. My mother was then my hero, she had to talk to the counselling teachers and wat-not. Everyone was surprised to know I wanted out although I had straight A's, and that I wasnt a bad student. But what the heck? The decision was made, and I was sticking to it.

I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then live with that decision.
Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 - 1962)

Well...reasons....one of it would be because I felt I was going to be too peer-dependent. I hated being dependent. And of course, I hated the management. Everything was all-scheduled and planned out. That's some of it anyway.

A weak man has doubts before a decision, a strong man has them afterwards.
Karl Kraus (1781 - 1832)

The benefits? Definitely a lot more than expected. And the verdict? It's just who I am today. I came to know more people. Get around more. Learnt few things here and there. Created chaos here and there (*wink)...hahahahhaaa..

c'est la vie!

Whatever it is, given the choice, I dont think I'll take a different path then. No regrets!

p/s: A secret -> I wasnt tht 'big' about boys in the SBP (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh) world. And yet, I married one. Budak Eton of the East plak tuh....IRONY.

The One With the Safety Belt 

Last Saturday evening, a mother and her 4 kids, along with her maid was on their way to Port Dickson. Her husband had to go his office earlier and was unable to join the family. She was driving (within speed limit) in the middle lane along KESAS (from Shah Alam), when she decided to overtake the vehicle upfront. Unable to foresee what was next to happen, a trailer from the opposite site hit the divider and was in the fast lane. Not being able to turn left as another vehicle was there, she had to run into the trailer. Also, being in the fast lane, another car from behind her hit her hard. She lost her 3 year old daughter in this tragic incident. It seems that her daughter was seated on her maid's lap and they were both strapped with a safety belt. Her child and maid both suffered internal injuries due to the safety belt impact. Her other 3 kids were seated in the carseats and strapped with the car's safety belt.

It was said that if a safety belt is meant for only one adult. For kids, it is best to use car seats. Again, children is advised to be sitted differently according to their weight; ie rear facing etc. Also, if a child is sitted on an adult's lap, it is best that the adult holds her tightly, and not strapped together in a safety belt.

Quick Safety Seat Checkup Tips

Does your child ride in the back seat? The back seat is generally the safest place in a crash. If your vehicle has a passenger air bag, it is essential for children 12 and under to ride in back.

Does your child ride facing the right way? Infants should ride in rear facing restraints (in the back seat) until age 1 and at least 20-22 lbs. Infants who weigh 20 lbs. before 1 year of age should ride in a restraint approved for higher rear facing weights. Always read your child restraint manual for instructions on properly using the restraint. Children over age one and at least 20 pounds may ride facing forward.

Does the safety belt hold the seat tightly in place? Put the belt through the correct slots. If your safety seat can be used facing either way, use the correct belt path for each direction. Check the vehicle owner's manual and safety seat instruction book for guidance.

Is the harness buckled snugly around your child? Keep harness straps snug over the child's shoulders. Place the chest clip at armpit level.

Does your child over 40 pounds have the best protection possible? Keep your child in a safety seat with a full harness as long as possible, at least until 40 pounds. Then use a belt-positioning booster seat which helps the adult lap and shoulder belt fit better. A belt-positioning booster seat is preferred for children between 40-80 pounds. It is used with the adult lap and shoulder belt.

How should a safety belt fit an older child? The child should be tall enough to sit without slouching, with knees bent at the edge of the seat, with feet on the floor. The lap belt must fit low and tight across the upper thighs. The shoulder belt should rest over the shoulder and across the chest. Never put the shoulder belt under the arm or behind the child's back. The adult lap and shoulder belt system alone will not fit most children until they are at least 4'9" tall and weigh about 80 pounds.

Check out "Which safety seat is "the best" for my child?"

*A little prayer sent to the little girl, who's in Heaven currently.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004
The One With One Smart Ass 

Nizam gave me this forwarded mail. TQ.

How some business is done..

Jack, a smart businessman, talks to his son
Jack: I want you to marry a girl of my choice
Son : "I will choose my own bride".
Jack: "But the girl is Bill Gates's daughter."
Son : "Well, in that case..."

Next Jack approaches Bill Gates
Jack: "I have a husband for your daughter."
Bill Gates : "But my daughter is too young to marry."
Jack: "But this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank."
Bill Gates : "Ah, in that case..."

Finally Jack goes to see the president of the World Bank.
Jack: "I have a young man to be recommended as a vice-president."
President : "But I already have more vice-presidents than I need."
Jack: "But this young man is Bill Gates's son-in-law."
President : "Ah, in that case....."

This is how some business is done!! don't get caught !!

The One With The Champagne 

It is something ODD actually. No, we dont drink champagne or any alcohol drink. But I am using a body scrub which has blueberry and champagne in it. In which I believe the champagne mentioned is the grape fruit from Champagne, France. Hence, came the topic of what is actually champagne.

Facts on Champagne:

1. Champagne is a region of France, and only wines which come from this region can properly be called "Champagne". Similar drinks should be called "sparkling wines".

2. Champagne's signature bubbles were included by accident by the monk Dom Pérignon back in the 1700s.

3. Champagne is made using the Methode Champenoise, which requires two fermentations.

4. Grapes, the important part of any wine, are carefully harvested in fall.

5. The grapes used in sparkling wines are typically Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Gris. Some Champagnes are made solely with Chardonnay.

6. The wine is fermented in a stainless steel tank for 2 to 3 weeks, and then sat up to five months (A special process from the normal wine making).

7. When the winemaker decides to move forward, the wine is bottled with extra sugar and yeast, and capped with a soda-cap for one year to three years or more. When this second fermentation and resting period are over, the yeast and sediment must be removed from the bottle.

8. The bottles are put into a riddling rack, which slowly rotates the now-re-fermenting wine from a horizontal position up to a vertical one. This allows the sediment from the second fermentation to slowly slide down into the neck of the bottle, for easy removal.

9. The removal process is called disgorgement. The neck of the bottle is stuck into this machine, which freezes it. When the cap is removed, the frozen plus of sludge is kicked out, a "dosage" of Champagne is added to fill in the space in the bottle, and it is corked with the standard, large Champagne cork.

10. The cork starts out as a straight 'tube' shape. It is only the pressure and system of corking that gives it its mushroom head and flared bottom.

11. Champagne is stored at around 55F, in a dark, damp location, stored on its side to keep the cork from drying out.

12. Champagne should be served at about 45 degrees. A few hours in the fridge should bring the temperature down, but never store any wine for more than a few days in the fridge.

13. Champagne is served in tall, narrow-necked glasses, called flutes. Do not use wide-brimmed glasses - they cause the drink to quickly lose both bubbles and flavor.

14. There are different types of Champagne. Brut (the 'great' Champagne) is the driest, and the "standard". Extra-dry is less dry than Brut. Sec is sweet, and Demi Sec is even sweeter.

15. Vintage bottles are, like most wines, from a single year's worth of grapes. Unlabeled or non-vintage bottles are from a blend of years.

Champagne & Sparkling Guide by Lisa Shea
How Champagne is Made by Lisa Shea
The Bubbly Stuff
The Bubbly 101 by CNN

The One With the Cost Of A Life 

It was believed that the security guards of a burning supermarket in Paraguay locked the doors, trapping shoppers, as they were trying to stop looting. Nonetheless, the death toll has risen to 340. (TheStar: Search for evidence at Paraguay supermarket begins)

Burn shoppers so that the merchandise would be paid?!!!! If the shoppers are dead, who would pay for the merchandise? Is a life of a child worth of RM100 toys? Or a man's life worth of RM5K TV set?!!!

What is the cost of a life?

The One With the Stretching 

Stretch...as long as you can...

Not physically. But financially.

So you have A amount of money every month. And B amount of credit limit in your credit cards. Then you have C amount of expenses; car loans, home loans, petrol, food, bills etc.

Next, how do you plan your wealth? How do you stretch every opportunity financially? Do you pay your bills late (just in time)? Which one should be credited? Which is the priority? How do you stretch it to grow it?

We're having a baby soon. So, there's a lot to think of. Diapers etc. Education plan? Savings? Retirement plan?

How stable is your financial? We have heard of the MultiLevel Marketing (MLM), and also Insurance Agents. But find it unsuitable for us. Are there any other options? Anything we missed out?

But seriously...how do you stretch the money that you have every month?

Save a little money each month and at the end of the year you'll be surprised at how little you have.
Ernest Haskins

The safest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it in your pocket.
Kin Hubbard (1868 - 1930)

Never spend your money before you have it.
Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

The One With What's The Worst That Could Happen? 

Would like to share with you this :

Things could be worse

A MOTHER passing by her daughter's bedroom was astonished to see the bed nicely made and everything picked up. Then she saw an envelope propped prominently on the centre of the bed. It was addressed, "Mom".

Fearing the worst, she opened the envelope and read the letter, with trembling hands:

Dear Mom,

It is with great regret and sorrow that I'm writing you. I had to elope with my new boyfriend because I wanted to avoid a scene with dad and you.

I've been finding real passion with John and he is so nice – even with all his piercings, tattoos, beard and motorcycle clothes. But it's not only the passion, mom. I'm pregnant and John said that we will be very happy.

He owns a trailer in the woods and has a stack of firewood for the whole winter. He wants to have many more children with me and that's now one of my dreams too.

John taught me that marijuana doesn't really hurt anyone and we'll be growing it for us, and trading it with his friends for all the cocaine and ecstasy we want.

In the meantime, we'll pray that science will find a cure for AIDS so John can get better; he sure deserves it!

Don't worry, mom. I'm 15 years old now and I know how to take care of myself. Some day, I'm sure we'll be back to visit so you can get to know your grandchildren.

Your daughter,


PS: Mom, none of the above is true. I'm over at the neighbour's house. I just wanted to remind you that there are worse things in life than my report card that's in my desk centre drawer. I love you! Call when it is safe for me to come home.
Sent in by Juliana Phang

Note : Above mention article was published in The Star, Star Mag section last Sunday.. U may still read it via e-paper edition..

Well, there's a Malay quote saying "Hidup bagaikan roda" or "Life is like a wheel". Sometimes it goes up and some other time it goes down.. You could say that you hit your rock-bottom, but always remember there is still a something below the rock bottom.. always see it in positive way.. and figure out how to lift yourself up and about..

Once, a friend of mine complained to me, "OMG, I'm too tired. I had to work for 8-damn-straight-fcuking days..". I simply reply, "Hey, take it easy, things could go worse.. Imagine when you had to fcuk for 8-damn-straight-working-days.. Which one would be more tiring..". "LOL".

Think about it..

Monday, August 02, 2004
The One With the Long Distance Relationship 

How long is too long? And how far is too far?

With the technology nowadays, being far away is not that FAR, neither is long. Time flies fast. You would hardly notice the time, especially when you are deeply in love with someone special.

The question actually is...whether you still love your partner as passionately as the time when you first fell in love with your partner.

Usually when it's with long distance relationship, it's always about being committed. Well actually, in all relationship, the commitment factor is always there. And it always takes TWO to tango. There will be cases when your partner is not yet ready for commitment, and you are, or vice versa. So, should you wait for your partner? If you do believe and have faith in your love, what the heck? The day will come for both to commit. Nonetheless, if you feel something missing somewhere, drop it, and head on with your life.

Long short years months days seconds...it all goes back to the question of the heart. If your heartis strong enough to be filled with love, you'll be in love. Love comes and goes as it pleases. It's c'est la vie. That's the beauty of it. The only control you have of everything, is your faith, hope and dream to keep that love burning passionately and that he is Mr Right --> for ETERNITY.

Sayang, I love you!