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Friday, August 13, 2004
The One With Inflation Getaway 

From today's The Star, I read on government concerns of oil price.. World oil prices hit the record high on Aug 10 at almost US$45 (RM171) a barrel. Pak Lah also gave a hint on oil price hike.. (again??..) Parallel with this, Deputy Minister of Energy, Water and Communiaction reported in Utusan, TNB will probably announce the their new tarif rate starting next year due to changes on oil and gas trading price..

The price war goes higher and higher.. Inflation.. Main reason? Oil and gas prices..

When Henry Ford mass-produced his T-model, I bet he won't project what would happen in centuriy or perhaps centuries to come.. Scientists and researchers had involved in engine evolution from powerless noisy steam, unhealthy diesel and current petrol/gasoline powered engine.. But future long-term replacement for the black-gold is still unclear.. When can we stop depending on this resource? There might be some alternative, but the best yet to come..

Here are some possible replacements :

1. Electric/battery powered : Had been used since as early as 1900.. however it failed to break the market as it become one of soon-to-extinct invention.. In July last year, GM made a mock funeral of for their wiped out EV1 model.

2. Hydrogen-fuel cars : Mercedes-Benz already launched 6 of their trial cars to be tested in chosen country, our neighbour Singapore for two years.. hidrogen-fuel cars is said to be the most environmental friendly machine of all time since it will only emit water vapors and heat.. However some source said, in order to produce the compressed hydrogen-fuel eg: burning coal, could lead to green house effect yada yada yada.. It also dangerous actually.. Furthermore, cost of the hydogen fuel is still too expensive nowadays.. The Mercedes A-Class that use for 2-year-trial alone cost around S$1.8m.. clean but way expensive.. I pass...

3. Bio-fuel powered : Or fuel created from stuff that can be grown. Eg: ethanol from Corn, biodiesel from soy.. or even from Malaysian self-produced palm oil.. (I've heard some Malaysian researchers also looking into that.. ).. On the positive side, it is non-toxic and biogradable.. imagine, rather than depends on oil from Middle East, it will be them who will depend on us.. It is still new and major development need to be done..

The best choice so far would be hybrid cars.. (Combination of 2 or more sources eg :rechargable battery+petrol powered) cars where fuel consumption is lower (in a long-term calculation)..

Man had been to the moon(?? did they??), wireless communication, dengue can be cured.. Hope one day, a breakthrough energy replacement for resource-shrinking oil would be found.. May be the 'hijab' hasn't been open..

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