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Friday, August 06, 2004
The One With Good Cop vs Bad Cop 

Last Monday in Still Standing; Judy is tired of always playing bad cop and having Bill undermine her authority to the kids, so she decides to take a day off and let all hell break loose under Bill's supervision. When she realizes that Bill is actually capable to handle their kids and just isn't willing to do so, Judy decides to play good cop for good...

NOTE : (In parenting dictionary, 'Good cop' is describing one who takes everything easily, calm & relax, favourite words would be 'it's OK', 'fine with me'; while 'bad cop' is the one who always strict and plays everything by the book, favourite word would be 'No!!', 'Cannot!!' etc ..)

Last night over family-dinner, a cousin of us consulted with our uncle & aunty on treating her little one; as parents-to-be in less than 4 months time, we just listened then for our future benefit.. :).. Based from their experience, first child would be the most potential victim of young-hot-headed parents; most of the time, there won't be Good Cop and Bad Cop.. all there were would be Bad Cop and Worse Cop..

We both agreed.. I still remember my mum told how furious late dad would be whenever Along, my eldest brother gets bad results in his exam; which later led to slaps; 'rotans' or belt-strikes.. - I'm the third, so lucky me.. as far as I remember mum n dad never hit me for even once.. (could possibly because I always do well in exams).. Despite that, when I was a kid, I always see dad as the good cop; and mum as the less-good-one (Read: not THAT Bad).. Did they switched their roles??

or I guessed as the time goes by, maturity would vanished one's 'Panas Baran'..

As for myself, my ill-tempered reached its peak in my teenage years.. A schoolmate of my, in his testimonial in Friendster; describes me as "my dorm monitor........ garang giler siot!!!!!!!" Well, indeed I was.. I could easily go moody and grumpy.. It slowly dispersed as I grew older especially after I met my beloved wife.. Yup.. (You might laugh on this my dear, and say 'Nah... he's still like that..'; believe me.. if u knew me 10 years back; u'll never ever think of falling for me.. :P) Still, the potential of me to be the bad cop is there.. Heck!! i dont wanna be the bad cop.. I wanna be the cool dad.. eheheh.. Could I?

It is still a long way to go for us to decide on how to treat our child; who's gonna be whom.. good cop or bad cop.. One thing that we've decided for sure is; whenever anyone of us snapped, the other must try to make things cool.. Thus, we'll be the BESTEST cop-partner in the whole wide world.. Insyaallah... :D

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