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Thursday, August 12, 2004
The One With Couch Potatoes 

I realized that we both couldn't 'really' live without TV.. We live in a condo that unable to provide a centralized UHF antenna, thus we subscribe to Astro.. Last couple of months, the decoder got kaput and needed to be serviced, I bought a UHF indoor antenna.. the receiption still not very clear.. so, we spent most of our Astro-less time at my in-laws.. Luckily the servicing just took less than a week..

The best thing is.. for the two of us, for almost each and every day in primetime esp. (7-11pm), we would have at least one of our favourite tv shows .. eg: Saturdays=AFFever, Sundays=Futurama, Mondays=Still Standing + Boston Public, Tuesdays=John Doe + Law & Order, Wednesdays=CSI + Charmed (now replaced by Ed) etc etc etc..), may be someday, it may not our best favourite shows but STILL we can watch it eg: Friday=Malaysian Idol etc.. EXCEPT (i repeat, EXCEPT) on THURSDAYS..

We subscribe minimum package of Astro.. which bring about (4 cartoons + 3 variety + 3 sports + 17 family + 1 8TV = 38 channels all together.. (my sis subscribe to astro back in my hometown in Johore.. I lost count on how many channel we have; Astro + S'pore tv + indon tv..)).. we tried to flip our remote to find ONE good TV show on THURSDAY; we yet to find one.. hmmmm... you guys may suggest us to watch a girl who slay the vampire, I'm sorry that's not our taste.. I can tolerate with three pretty witches killing demons but not one skinny slayer; nor vampire killing vampire. Angel.. those are a No-No..

I wonder why... My beloved wife informed me, when she worked for two months in the Land of Ozzies, there won't be any good tv show on Sundays.. simply because they encourage people to get socialized, spend quality time with family, visit the museums, zoos, parks, etc rather than just laying their lazy a$$e$ on couch on Sundays.. That really make some sense..

However, here in Malaysia, crappy TV shows shown on Thursdays.. What do they want to encourage?? What should we do without TV?? Hmmmmm.. Khamis mlm Jumaat.. Oh... we should be at mosque for 'Bacaan Yaasin'.. *wink*

p/s: Do you guys think so too? or is it just the two of us think Thursdays TV shows are crappy?? :P

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