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Monday, January 24, 2005
The One With the No Free Service 

Well I would like to thank my fren cikun for giving me an idea to write on this very bz day..

Cikun asked my opinion on which Credit Card is the best since he would like to apply one.. Being a holder of many CC.. (yup many.. :P.. and big debt too.. ) I would like to share some experience on two out ofmany of my cards..

When I first started working, i did apply for this one Clear card since it is easy to get approval.. on the bad side, I would have to pay RM90 for its annual fee.. a year later one bank came up with its free for life credit card specially for graduates.. I applied for that one also... (a laymen advice from Jongoz also suggested to use this card.. )

Well.. For the clear card (CC).. I understood that i will have to pay such an amount yearly just for the fee.. furthermore.. there are only 3 branches nationalwide.. which force me to drive to the busy hectic fulll of cars city center every end of the month to pay the debt.. (BTW a Giro transfer between bank (RM 2 per transaction) seems to be a realistic solution for this.. ) Its customer service however always satisfy me..

For the free for life card (FFLC).. clearly I dont have to pay any annual fee.. and there's one branch just around the corner of my house.. i would save a lot! Plus I rate the customer service of that bank 9.9.. yup I repeat 9.9.. out of 10 100..

What make me saying that? Hmmm.. I got my FFLC statement addressed to my (previous) office.. when I was about to resign.. (which some 3 months ++ ago).. I called the bank to change the mailing address.. unfortunately.. they have this so called policy not to change customer the maling address via phone.. so I had to go to the bank itself.. hmm.. I did bring my lazy @$$ on one of my limited vacation leave just to change my mailing address..

(faeq was looking for his father..)

Up until now, my FFLC monthly statement still being addressed to my previous office.. heck! I guess that is the price i have to pay for my 'Free for life' card.. Mr Ron Kaufman, if you read this, please give ur 'UP Your Service' talk to these people..

So, Mr Cikun.. hope this will answer ur question.. it is up to you to choose which is better.. 'Smack ur chest, ask ur zest'...

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