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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
The One Where We Moved 

Guess what.. New year, New home.. Check us out here!

Monday, December 18, 2006
The One With Zidane 

Remember picture above? heh..

Last nite while i was watching football in full concentration, faeq craved for attention.. so cute he is in his spidey pyjamas but chelsea were 2-1 down to off-form tofees.. thus i practically ignored him..

Then he started to do the Zidane, headbutting my chest.. ahahahaahaha.. cutie pie.. i responded with asking help from mummy.. and he laughed.. do it once, sooooooo cute, i love you.. do it twice, still cute, do it once more, ok, daddy wanna watch the game, it's 2-2 now..

Finally, he came with the ultimate plan.. he turned to my back and sent a hard headbutt to my backbone.. OUCHHHH!! TIME-OUT!! i handed him a red card and he had to stand in the corner.. but he sucessfully won my attention.. :P

hopefully he'll be a fantastic footballer like zidane but less temper..

Sunday, December 03, 2006
The One With The Game 

I'm currently watching a handball match between Bahrain and Macau. Premelinary round of Doha 2006 Asian Game.. Bahrain is currently demolishing Macau in a very one-sided game.. Gosh I miss this game.. The last time I played this game was yearssss ago.. SUKMUM 2000.. I represented 7th college, beating then favourites 2nd college and won our SUKMUM championship medals, the second times in three years.. heh.. quite an achievement back then..

I started playing handball during primary years.. but really getting into the game more during the secondary years.. we had a great team in Form One.. unlike any other batches, we practically have our training almost everyday.. Led by captain, Dollah, keeper Moq who joined a bit later, Cikun, Izzy, Afza, Nageb, Kamil, Jimy, hang-out very well back then.. 'Handball Klik' they said.. Our coach.. Latok.. the Latok.. hahah.. (heard that he is now a teacher somewhere..)

Handball, is not a very famous game especially among Malaysian.. I know there's some groups of people try to make this game to be more popular but it is still not widely accepted.. I dont know.. might be because Malaysian more interested in games using their foot or prefer to use their hand doing something else.. *wink*.. For me it is a very fun, tough and fast game.. and always be my favourite game..

ps: guys.. if you read this, may be we can organize a little friendly game during OB weekend.. haha.. i know.. with those big-bellies, it'll be a bit harder to jump from the big D... :))

Saturday, December 02, 2006
The One With How Old Are You? 


Faeq turns 2 today!! How time flies.. It's like yesterday when this and this happened.. now.. my little precious is two years old.. quoting 'aunty' ida.. 'Dah jadik anak teruna'.. heheh..

So the bday celebration began very early in the morning.. Faeq threw his tantrum at dawn.. took sometime to put him back to sleep..

at 9am plus-plus.. we got ready and headed to...

KL Bird Park.. yeys.. located at Jln Lembah, Taman Tasik Perdana.. entrance fee is RM12 for adult.. and RM6 for kids 3-12 years old.. (was it half.. i couldnt care less.. faeq's still free.. :P).. The journey began with a quick breakfast at Hornbill Restaurant & Cafe inside the Bird Park itself.. why does they named it Hornbill Restaurant? :P the restaurant is like a treehouse, close to Hornbill Park in Zone 3.. it is on same level with tall trees, place for nesting hornbills.. we were having burger, nuggets and chips which attracted the birds very much.. one huge hornbill came very close to us, tried to snap our food.. :)) what a traumatic experience for zen jr.. :P
After that incident, he went panic each time he sees a peacock.. (there are many peacocks scattered in the park, esp in Zone).. too bad we didnt bring his stroller along.. we had to carry him most of the time.. (hmmm.. though i think stroller wouldnt help that much with flight of steps in the park..)

Faeq started admiring those birds when we entered World of Parrots & Rare & endangered species aviaries.. colorful macaws & cockatoo made him forget about those horrifying hornbills & peacock.. hehe.. we spent until 1pm in the park.. ended our journey watching Bird Show.. those parrots were good at showing off their tricks..

we went back, had our lunch @ Penang House, and dozed off till 5..

next stop.. Starship Galactica One Utama along with faeq's cousins adam, aaron & emma.. RM15 per entry for kids.. free for adult.. (have to come as guardian.. else.. it is not allowed.. oh ya.. wearing socks is a must).. but i've to warn you, the playing area is totally not meant for adult.. i ended up with bruises on my forehead.. knocked the bar several times..

dinner at Chilli's wrapped up the tiring yet full of fun day.... faeq is TWO.. yeays.. and more people start asking.. when's next.. oh.. Come on..

ps: when's next, honey :P

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
The One With Stress 

Just a week to raya and I banged Mama's Matrix.. some very visible damage on bumper, headlights and spotlights.. and worst damage, my wallet..

really bad timing.. huuhuhuhuh.. stress stress..

Saturday, October 14, 2006
The One With Ops 

With Hari Raya is 10-days away, I couldnt stop noticing many men in white and black uniform standing by the roadside. Sometimes they stop motorist for god knows what reason. Hopefully for a good one and not for their duit raya if you know what I mean..

Perhaps it'll be perfect timing as well for ACA/BPR to launch their OPS Ubah Sikap..

Wednesday, August 16, 2006
The One With the flag 


Look carefully at this flag.. you might notice this flag during world cup season.. it is Ecuador's national flag..

However if you saw flags something like this hanging around nationwide beginning next week, dont get confused.. it might not be Ecuador flag but may be it is the new Federal territories flag which will be launched this Sunday by DYMM Yang di Pertuan Agong at Dataran Merdeka..

Previously Federal Territory of KL, Putrajaya and Labuan have their very own flags..

The new flag, has three colours, yellow - respect soveireighty and honour, blue - unity, sincerity, stability and harmony, red - strength bravery and energy.. with national emblem in the middle and three stars representing the three federal territories..