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Thursday, March 25, 2004
The One With The New Giant 

While on my way home yesterday using LDP, I stopped by at the newly opened Giant Hypermarket to do some groceries. They held their Opening sale from 2pm - 10pm. I parked my car by the roadside coz there were too many cars parking inside. I prefer to walk a bit further rather than spending my time try to find a parking space..

So, I arrived at the main entrance and walking in before a security guard ask me about whether i have a 'green pass'.. If you dont have it you cannot pass through the main door.. 'What the heck??'.. There's was no notice whatsoever mentioned about it.. So, I followed the crowd to enter thru another door.. (pretty bad for the first impression though..)

Later, I walked into the hypermarket section.. Lots of people.. may be not as many as when Giant OU2 was opened.. I took a trolley and did my shopping.. Good arrangement.. however at some places one shopping cart could get thru and some 'so cleverrrrrr' shoppers left their shopping trolleys there.. selfish!

At the checkout counter.. though a lot of people inside but they managed to handle it well.. they opened additional checkout counter so that every counter held only 2-3 customers at a time.. not that long queues compared to Tesco's opening sale.. I was delayed a couple of minutes.. a customer in front of me apparently had the green pass and entitled for 10% discount.. (how come i didnt know that) Before they got the discount, a supervisor was needed to key in a password to track one customer can get only one time discount.. This supervisor i guessed have a few cashiers under her.. so she got to go to a few cashiers to do that.. luckily it was not that long..

I carried my plastic bags and returned the trolley.. I couldnt put the trolley properly into the row of other trolleys.. later i realised there were two sets of trolleys.. look like the same but one got black rollers and another got red.. the one with black roller can get into the one with red one but cannot vice versa.. odd?? but believe it.. I already checked the rows of trolleys by the parking lots.. and it is true..

oh! btw i forgot to mention a few Cons during my first visit.. My total groceries price was RM40.51.. gave RM50 to cashier in charge.. the cashier hit down enter button and showed balance of RM9.49.. later i gave her another 51¢ (i just noticed that the '¢' sign is no longer exist in ASCII) from my wallet.. suddenly she got confused on how much she should give me back.. hehe.. funny..

I only spotted two ATM machine at the new huge (and) Giant building.. a Bank Islam ATM and Arab Malaysian's.. there were another 4 empty slot which might be occupied soon...

Dine places.. I just remember a Pizza Hut there.. (need to double check again..)

As I walked out.. I saw a security guard told a driver without the green pass invitation that he cannot park his car inside.. lucky me.. i took my car and drove back home and had a nicely prepared dinner with my wife..

Later today, I heard on traffic update.. LDP was badly congested due to the newly open Giant hypermarket.. I used NKVE instead.. I think they should've wait until the flyover complete..

just my two ¢

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