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Friday, June 17, 2005
The One With Jaring Wireless Broadband 

I was in need for a home internet broadband so that i wont be spending my day working at the coffee shop whenever i need to..

Few ISPs come into my mine.. one needs me to have a fixed phone line which i dont have and really need, call the phone guy to fix my phone line, call the broadband guy to fix the thingy etc.. and the other, buy a terminal port, plug to my machine and voila.. you are ready to go.. ( actually there are few others but one is temporary suspended, one is not covering my area, and another is excessively expensive and can only be used with a notebook..)

And i chosed ISP number 2.. Jaring Wireless Broadband with a year long subscription..

I've been using it for over 'the 7-days money-back guarantee'.. do i really satisfy? ermmm.. hard to say..

For internet browsing, it shouldnt be a problem..For a hardcore 24-7 broadband user, it still havent reach the expected standard.. I live in a condo, 8 floor high above the ground, about 500m from the building claimed to have the base station (transmitter) installed.. from my window/balcony (where I put my terminal), I can see the building standing tall.. still the connection is not that stable.. I've tested my download speed using http://www.testmy.net/ where I can get up to 0.7Mbps download rate which is not bad at all.. that's the best case scenario..

The bad news.. sometime it could drop to less than 0.07Mbps.. my torrent downloading can only reach a max of 10-15kbps ; avarage rate would be 5kbps.. uThh.. hate that! i've tried to open a few applications at once; internet browser, YM, torrent & citrix connection.. only 3 apps at one time max, else the line will be dropped.. havent try it during rain though.. It will not be a good idea to have a WLAN in the house with this current situation..

I might need to switch the terminal location in order to get the best connection.. maybe it would help if we live in 31st floor..:p

All in all, still it is the best solution for my problem.. as long as I can get connected to citrix server, can check urgent mail, open SAP screen via citrix, that's good enuff for me.. ;)

oh btw.. did i tell you, the terminal can be connected with a phone, and calls can be made on prepaid basis.. broadband and a phone line in one package.. cool huh?

Million thanks to Jaring for providing this service, but seriously.. you guys need to really keep up and perk up especially with raising numbers of users.. else.. you might lose one here..

Somaport terminal

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