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Friday, May 14, 2004
The One With So Called State-of-the-Art

I was thrilled when listening to radio advert on Webbit; now available in our living area. Webbit is a new broadband service which provides a hi-speed wireless data exchange. People will no longer dependant on fixed telephone line to access the internet. Such an interesting solution for us, living in a damn full with hanky panky condo. To bring any outside contractor for any installation need first to put down RM500 deposit; and must do during office hour. Furthermore, we don't really need a fixed phone line.

So, I browsed thru their websites. Indeed, this is what we want. With monthly access fees of RM69 for unlimited 24-7 internet access, available only around our living area, we could dominate every inch of the broadband. hehe..

However the major setback -> Check on the requirements. This State-of-the-Art system only supports Windows OS, not others.. We are not a big fan of Bill Gates (nor Steve Jobs) but being system developers, we can foresee the needs of users.. In system development, we learned some basic factors needs to be fulfill.. naming a few :

-extensibility (able to support further enhancement),

-security (protected from unauthorized access),

-reliability (free from any error; robust),

-compatibility (ability to support multiple platforms environment) and

-portability (can be move to different platforms with minimal effort);

When you call yourself a State-of-the-Art people will expect even more. I dont think all Malaysian support Bill Gates. Those who prefer to use Mac and Linux being denied from using this service.

Maybe it is still new and there will be major improvement later on. Hope so. Coz I'm buying a Mac. Insyaallah.. Right dear?

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