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Friday, June 17, 2005
The One With the Formula Milk 

My little kiddo, now 6 months, has a weird cycle (like PMS, :P ) where some period of the month, he will try his best to reject, formula milk.. he is already into solid food where everytime we eat, he will make his cutey face and sound, asking for the food.. :D he can suck his mummy's milk dry all nite long.. but when comes to formula milk.. a big TAK NAK! we have to force him to drink.. if he can finish 3 ounce per meal, that's good enuff for us... when come the good cycle, 6 ounce is not enuff for him.. so basically he's gaining weight for the first half of the month, and losing it a half later..

FYI, we used Enfalac before we made a assumption that he was a little bored with the milk and switch to Mamex Gold.. the trick was quite a success until the weird cycle came again.. do we need to change milk every month? he has no problem with constipation or so.. tried to serve the milk warmer and less warm, thicker and lighter.. the result is still the same, when the cycle came, then no-no..

Now he's about to crawl and high in metabolism.. creep all over his ring.. now weighting at 7.65kg.. 4.1kg growth since he was born.. we think he need to gain a bit more especially if he want to achieve his parents ambition.. to become the first baby model in the family.. :P

I dunno, could it be because of genetic inheritance that runs in the blood or what that made my little kiddo Faeq so hard to feed with formula milk.. I dont drink formula milk that much when I was little.. My mum was a housewife back then, so frankly, I was breastfed until I was 4.. until I able to recollect my breastfeeding memories, until i can spell the words.. *****.. :P.. and my missus, drink a lot of her Chuchu Lo.. (a cute version of Milo).. :P

anybody with the same experience before? any ideas?

MY kiddo

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