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Thursday, March 24, 2005
The One With Junior 

Have u ever watch the movie Junior? Starring Governator Arnold, Danny Devito and Emma Thompson. I barely remember the exact storyline but basically it was about Arnold carrying a baby.. synopsis below is taken from rottentomatoes.com :

Upon losing their grant to develop a fertility potion, two male scientists steal an embryo in an attempt to prove their theories correct. The embryo, fertilized, is implanted in the abdomen of Dr. Hesse, who intends to abort it after the first trimester. Instead, the somber Dr. Alexander Hesse starts developing an array of new emotions and insists on carrying the baby to full term. To aid the two doctors in their research, although she does not know what they are really up to, Dr. Diana Reddin helps the two men gain access to the laboratory. In the process, Hess and Reddin fall in love, and Hesse confesses that he is pregnant and with her child. After some initial protest she becomes very supportive. Mayhem follows when Hesse is forced to hide out in a maternity clinic disguised as a woman while being pursued by his former boss.
It was a pretty unrealistic (yet funny) movie.. until...

A friend of mine, Hafiz aka Malek (sounds familiar?? Yup, the one who ended up in the losing side in Explorace : Vietnam) pasted a link to me.. check this out.. http://www.malepregnancy.com/ and I went berzerkly => ..

OMG??!! How this Lee Ming-Wei did it?? against the nature isn't it? (I dont have enuff free time to browse thru this website though..)

It was like almost a year ago when we learnt that Shariza was pregnant.. It wasn't easy.. (errrr I meant the pregnancy thingy.. not the pre-pregnancy process..) Although without morning/evening sickness, she wasnt craving for single-horned-white-deer venison, no 30 hours of labour pain.. but I tell you it wasn't easy.. every time she try to get up from the bed, or wake up in the middle of the nite due to leg cramp.. i felt like.. oh my god.. plz.. no more pain for her.. If given a choice to switch place, I definitely will quit before it is even started..

It needs courage, patient and determination which men dont have.. I strongly believe no man can handle it.. Therefore naturally, the 9-months contract job is given to women.. :D

Since Lee Ming-Wei already pioneered it and taken the First Pregnant Man title, any takers for the Malaysian First Pregnant Man? come on.. Malaysia Boleh!! (heck.. if u crazy enuff la..)

ps: Thank-you a zillion very much my dearie for carrying Faeq for 9 months ++.. will be quite some time for the next one.. *wink*

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