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Friday, July 01, 2005
The One With Pangkor Island Beach Resort 

Ok.. my turn for the vacation report.. Last weekend was my second visit to Pulau Pangkor.. First was a day trip to Pantai Teluk Nipah way back when I was still single.. :P Actually, I also got an opportunity to go to Pangkor Laut earlier this year but couldnt make it due to some safety reasons.. :P

So.. 7 buses of us departed from KL at 8 am and arrived at Lumut Jetty Terminal about 3 hours after that.. (I noticed that Lumut Jetty has been under major facelift since the last time I been there..) Leason learnt : buy you supplies (drinks, titbits, etc) before your board into the ferry coz you'll find everything at almost double the normal price..

An express ferry will take you to the resort jetty where feeder bus will wait you there.. If you missed the express ferry, you still can take the normal ferry to Pangkor town and then hop into taxi to go to the resort at Teluk Belanga..

It was quite a nice and peaceful beach resort.. until the 'army of darkness' and 'the forces of lights' came and conquered the Hotel.. :)) theme for this year BUM was 'Lord of the BUM: Return of the BUM'.. too bad for those visitors who came last weekend for their peacefulness that had been bothered by our craziness.. too bad..

It was almost a weekend packed with activities.. OG updates, team building, dinner and leisure..

For those who love outdoor activities, you may try watersports : kayaking, canoeing, banana-boating, jet-skiing, wind surfing, snorkeling, parasailing.. or try biking, football, beach volleyball, 18-hole mini golf and archery for those who dont wanna get wet.. for indoor, there are Spa, traditional massage, pool & snooker, pingpong & dart, although I found out it might not be well maintained.. (i meant the snooker and pool table.. since i didnt try the rest)

Oh and not to forget, two relaxing swimming-pools where almost all of us either voluntarily jump into the easy way or got thrown into the hard way.. hehe..

For dining, there are a restaurant and three bars available.. you may also try a romantic dinner by the beach for RM350++ for twosome and DIY buffet for RM150per/annax if you gang-banging.. leason learnt no 2.. eat all you can since it gonna be hard to find food after 10pm..

and dont worry, mobile phone is still useable in certain areas in the resort..

Oh dont ask me about the price since it was a fully sponsored trip.. wink!

For those who missed the trip.. visit here.. (pic by John, YH and others)

Ermm.. what else.. oh a message to Duta Pangkor Ferry agency.. I personally think it's wayyyyyyy not appropriate to show film that won 11 awards in 1997 Academy Awards in your ferry lah.. plz show something else.. :P

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