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Monday, July 19, 2004
The One With The Knights of the Round Table 

My first epic movie VCD was First Knight, (1995) starring Sean Connery, Richard Gere.. also love at the first sight to Julia Ormond as Lady Guinevere of France.. It was a classic epic of King Arthur, Queen Guenevere and Sir Lancelot love triangle. (except for no wise-wizard Merlin).. In many years, story of Arthur, his Excalibur and the Knights of the Round Table was told in many version but always with similar ending.. However traditional legends turned into a new different twist in King Arthur, (2004) starring Clive Owen, Keira Knightley and Ioan Gruffudd.

For centuries, countless tales have been told of the legend of King Arthur. But the only story you've never heard ... is the true story that inspired the legend. - Trailer for King Arthur
Artorius or better known as Arthur was the leader of Rome in their Brittish teritory. Accompanied with his 15-years of serving Samartian Knights, to which only 6 survived.. in order to get their freedom, these Knights had to serve Romans to defend their homeland against the invading Saxons and local barbaric Woads led by black wizard Merlin..

If you're looking forward for a battle-full-Braveheart/Partriot-alike of epic , I dont think King Arthur is the one since only three scenes of battles were included in the movie.. I barely felt my adneralin-rush.. not even a tiny bit as when Brad Pitt did in Troy.. Infact to my surprise, not even a single head seen cut from the neck.. heh..

Guinevere is not a sweet pretty princess from France but a hot-tough-lady-warrior of Woads, local barbarians that wanted to claim their land back from the Romans..

For me, the storyline is unique but messy.. actions were not describe in detail.. Antoine Fuqua was damn superb in Training Day, but in King Arthur, he is a bit flop.. so much for the most awaited epic movie of the year..

Rating : ehmm shd I do this?? What the heck! (hehe.. ayul plz dont let this affecting u) 6.3 out 10..

p/s: Next one, Puteri Gunung Ledang.

Clive Owen as Arthur

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